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MAFS star Domenica Calarco reveals more details about her whirlwind Italian romance

''I'm definitely going to miss him.''
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Domenica Calarco has revealed new details about her Italian fling, including two photos of the mystery man she met while holidaying in Europe.

Speaking on her and Ella Ding’s Sit With Us podcast, the Married At First Sight star has been referring to the mystery man as “Mr Napoli”.

On Wednesday she shared a snap of him with a rose covering her face, timed perfectly to coincide with the new episode where he made a special guest appearance. Ella also shared a snap to her Instagram with an emoji covering his face.

After meeting in Capri and connecting despite a language barrier, Domenica is eager to see where the romance could go – as is Mr Napoli, who has been studying English for her.

Dom shared this mysterious photo of her new man.

(Image: Instagram)

“He’s actually been learning English and I’ve been teaching him all the really rude words,” she revealed. “I taught him ‘f—k that’ and it’s the best thing ever.”

She then called him over to say the cheeky phrase into the microphone with his Italian accent, thrilling listeners and fans of the MAFS bride.

He then confirmed he was happy to be on the podcast, cheekily adding “Hi Australia” as Domenica revealed he’d been listening to the podcast.

While talking about bad dating experiences, Domenica revealed that naughty Mr Napoli was “once a f—kboy” but Ella reassured fans that Mr Napoli is “beautiful” and “kind”.

Dom also shared this photo.

(Image: Instagram)

She added that Domenica is guaranteed to miss him, given they live on two different continents.

“I am gonna miss him. Legit,” Dom confirmed. “I’m definitely going to miss him. I’m going to miss Italy, I’m going to miss everything about this place.”

Mr Napoli himself has told Domenica he doesn’t want her to return home to Australia, but the pair have been discussing him visiting her Down Under in the coming months.

“It doesn’t feel crazy to ask him to come to Australia,” she said of how quickly their romance has progressed, Ella adding: “This could be the love of your life!”

At one point Domenica even let him take over the chat with Ella, who cheekily asked him how he felt about her.

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“You like Domenica?” she said, to which Mr Napoli replied, “Ah, yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.”

Last week the 29-year-old said she extended her holiday so she could return to Italy to spend more time with her new fling.

“There’s a little something that’s happened while I’ve been in Europe, and it’s quite nice. And it comes in the form of a man that we met on the island of Capri,” Dom said on her podcast.

Dom explained that the man, who she didn’t name, only speaks a little English so they used a translator app to communicate.

“He doesn’t really speak English and I don’t really speak that much Italian, so the language barrier is actually hilarious,” she said. “But there’s something about it that just works.

“When we video [chat], we communicate just through look. It’s the weirdest thing, I don’t even know how to explain it.”

Domenica said she hopes her new beau will visit her in Australia.

(Image: Instagram)

Dom said she met up with the man in Naples, where they enjoyed a romantic date before she headed to Florence.

“We sat in this little café at the train station and my mum was literally just sitting with us helping to translate,” she said.

“We talked about everything, but the way we just looked at each other, I feel like we communicated through that.

“We didn’t kiss, he just gave me a hug. Then he messaged me when I was on the train after we’d left and he said, ‘I really wanted to kiss you but your mum was there’, which was really cute.”

“I’m definitely going to miss him. I’m going to miss Italy, I’m going to miss everything about this place.”

(Image: Instagram)

After talking on social media, the man travelled to Florence so he could visit Dom.

“It’s so weird and new to me because I’ve never had a man do anything nice like that,” she said.

“It was the best day ever. He got in early, I went to meet him at nine o’clock, and then we went and had breakfast and we walked around and literally my phone the entire day was like the translator when we couldn’t speak.

“He is very thoughtful and romantic, which I don’t know if that’s weird to say because we’ve literally only met a few times and gone on a few dates… He’s done more in two dates than a lot of men that I’ve dated recently.”

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