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Did MAFS twin Michelle go on the show purely for fame?

MAFS viewers question Michelle's intentions for joining the show after she brutally breaks Jesse's heart.
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Married At First Sight star Michelle Marsh has been attacked by viewers, accusing her of leading “husband” Jesse Konstantinoff on in order to maximise her time on TV.

After letting Jesse pour his heart out and beg her to give their relationship a go during their beach-side renewal ceremony on screen last night, Michelle dragged things out with a nearly four-minute speech gushing about her groom – before finally admitting she was keeping him clearly in the friend zone.

And fans aren’t happy!

Nothing more awkward than getting dressed up in bridal gear only to be dumped at the altar.

“You f—— disgust me,” wrote one commenter on Insta to the reality star, who’s being slated across social media. “You string this poor guy along all for money! Exploit and f**k over people for your own gain.”

They weren’t the only one upset by Mish’s call.

“Fame digger: Too [sic] lead someone on for the purpose of being on TV and too [sic] be full of shit!”, another viewer fumed.

“She is such an actress,” added another MAFS fan.

“In the real world you don’t drag the poor guys [sic] heart all over the floor before saying you’re not interested.”

Jesse says he’s made peace with their split.

But Michelle’s refusing to apologise for her actions.

“Negative comments from people who don’t know you shouldn’t hurt you,” she wrote on Insta.

Meanwhile, Jesse’s defended his former “wife” and claims she wasn’t stringing him along to extend her fifteen minutes.

“If she had no feelings towards me she definitely would have left,” he told The Today Show.

But he admitted last week that he may not have been the reason she remained on the show so long.

“I think that her sister being there helped her stay,” he revealed to OK! “There were some nights where I was very anxious with a sense of not knowing where my life was heading and if Mish was still going to be there.”

Hey, at least you’ve been put out of your misery now, Jess – and you’re the country’s most eligible bachelor!

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