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David and Victoria Beckham deny divorce rumours – but are they trying to throw us off the scent?

There's a Beckham storm brewing and we have A LOT of questions.
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They’re the powerhouse couple with a picture-perfect family and million dollar empire.

But are David Beckham and Victoria Beckham gearing up to drop a huge divorce bombshell? That’s the buzz online if the intense Twitter commentary is anything to go by with “David Beckham” trending on the social media platform and wild rumours of the 43-year-old’s infidelity pretty much breaking the internet.

Interestingly, the UK bookies suddenly suspended bets on the couple getting divorced.

Overnight the British duo, who have affectionately been dubbed Posh and Becks since they tied the knot in 1999, were forced to issue a strongly-worded denial over the state of their marriage, labelling the online rumours as “a crock of sh–.”

“There is no statement due or divorce,” their statement read.

It continued: “This is just fake social media news. This is all very bizarre and an embarrassing waste of time.

“There is no statement due, no divorce, and a lot of Chinese whispers and fake social media news.”

But we still have A LOT of questions about this potentially earth-shattering split between Hollywood’s golden couple…

Did they issue a big fat denial simply to buy more time?

In celeb land, divorce announcements are a carefully orchestrated project with months of pre-planning and work-shopping involved.

Traditionally divorce announcements follow the same “consciously uncoupling” formula: the exes insist they’re on the best of terms, will remain the best of friends, they’ll co-parent the kids, and there’s absolutely no scandal, they’ve simply just grown apart.

Essentially, it may as well read “there’s nothing to see here, please move right along!”

This unexpected Twitter storm was not part of the plan and there’s speculation the former Spice Girl, 44, was planning to share the heartbreaking split news in a upcoming issue of Vogue, so perhaps she’s playing the denial card to help keep the fashion glossy on side for their world exclusive?

Or is it indeed just a fake news hoax? That would explain such a strongly-worded denial from camp Beckham, complete with expletives.

If a divorce was looming, why bother making such a brazen denial if in a few weeks the truth will be coming out? Won’t fans be given whiplash over the contradictory messages?

There’s speculation Posh wanted to announce the split in an upcoming issue of Vogue.

Why did the bookies suddenly suspend betting?

The UK bookies are a clued in bunch and as the divorce rumours went into overdrive on Friday UK time, they were clearly preempting a divorce announcement and decided to suspend betting on Posh and Becks getting a divorce.

So, did they have a tip-off or just a very intuitive hunch?

“We’ve decided to suspend betting on the separation between Posh and Becks,” a spokesperson for Paddy Power explained, however they were still taking bets on who the next Mrs Beckham will be.

Meanwhile British presenter Johnny Gould, who works for the BBC and Sky News, also hinted something big was about to happen, cryptically tweeting “David and Victoria Beckham will be trending later.”


Reading between the lines of these very well-timed social media posts

Posh and Becks are prolific users of social media, with a cool 66.2 million Instagram followers between them.

As the split speculation reached fever pitch on Friday, fashion designer Victoria uploaded a photo with her six-year-old daughter Harper and a loving message to hubby David, who is currently in Miami setting up a new soccer team. The timing was no coincidence.

“Morning cuddles x So much love We love and miss u @davidbeckham 💕💕💕💕,” the mother-of-four penned.

Just a few hours later, the star shared another happy snap from dinner with her parents, daughter Harper, and sons Romeo and Cruz, with husband David still absent.

“Fun dinner x kisses from us all x 💕💕💕💕,” she wrote.

There’s no doubt Posh is trying to gain back some control of the situation with the underlying message screaming “we’re fine! Everything is just fine!”

We can’t help but feel these loved-up family posts could be another tactic to try and cover something up? If nothing was indeed wrong, they didn’t have to issue a statement or share so many pointed posts.

One things for sure, we’re all rooting for Posh and Becks and we hope this is simply a storm in a social media tea cup.

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