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Chrissie Swan reveals she tested positive for COVID-19 as the Nova and Smooth FM stations go into lockdown

''I’m not ashamed of having it.''
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Chrissie Swan has revealed she tested positive for COVID-19 in an emotional post detailing her ordeal.

The TV and radio personality shared a selfie from her living room with one hand on her face looking a little defeated with minimal makeup.

Chrissie spoke about how she ended up getting tested and her symptoms, but assured fans that she is double vaxxed and did everything she could to stay safe.

“Turns out I didn’t escape Covid after all. After feeling a bit tired and flat, I took a test and it’s come back positive. I feel basically fine so far – worst is the fatigue (though I think I’ve been tired for 20 years so I’m match fit 👍🏼).

“I’m double vaxxed, always checked in with the QR codes.”

(Credit: Instagram)

“I’m double vaxxed, always checked in with the QR codes, have contacted EVERYONE and have isolated since yesterday afternoon so as not to spread it any further,” she said.

The former Celebrity MasterChef contestant promised she will be back on the radio, and defied feeling any shame over her positive result.

“I’ll be back on the airwaves soon – but from home. Update over! Don’t worry your pretty little heads about me xxx❤️ (I’m sharing this because I’m not ashamed of having it and hopefully by seeing this you won’t feel ashamed either. We’re all doing our best and sometimes that’s not enough. Stay safe, friends),” she concluded.

The mother-of-three turned off her Instagram comments.

Reports from The Herald Sun revealed that Nova and Smooth FM staff were placed into lockdown and are required to get tests.

The station announced the news in a statement that reads, “We are responding to a positive Covid case in our Melbourne office.

“Our Covid safety and response plan, which aligns with all current Victoria Government health advice and prioritises the safety of our staff, has been implemented.”

Jonathan Brown has also tested positive for Covid.

(Credit: Instagram)

Chrissie’s colleague Jonathan Brown also contracted Covid along with his nine-year-old son Jack.

He confirmed the news on Monday during his breakfast show, Nova 100, and he revealed his wife encouraged him to get a test.

“I went home and I mentioned to my wife Kylie, because I was due to go out for dinner that night,” he recounted.

“I said, ‘I don’t think I’m going to be able to go for dinner,’ and she said, ‘Why don’t you have a rapid test?’ because she had been a little bit crook for a couple of days.

“Then it came up positive and I rang Pangy [Sam Pang] and rang our work, Nova, and said I came up positive pretty quick. I think we probably need to put something in place where everyone get tested. So I did the right thing,” he finished.

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