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EXCLUSIVE: Celeste Barber reveals what her “hot husband” and kids really make of her global Instagram fame

''I mean it’s weird...''
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Australian comedian Celeste Barber has become a global sensation, and it’s not hard to see why.

It’s also no surprise to hear that despite her Instagram parodies taking the world by storm and her social media profile amassing 7.7 million followers the mum of two doesn’t think much of fame.

“I’m not really interested in it, to be honest, I’ve never really been interested in fame,” Celeste tells Now To Love.

“I just really like to work, that’s always been the goal and I find it weird that people know me.”

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Celeste has parodied the world’s biggest celebs.


With over millions of followers online you’d think Celeste would be used to be stopped in the street, but the 38-year-old reveals it’s actually her husband who is usually approached first.

“People recognize him in the street more than they recognize me because I’m a very nondescript looking person and he’s gorgeous.

“People kind of see him and go, ‘Oh, where is she?’ and start looking for me and I’m like, ‘Damnit!'”

Celeste says she’s “retired” her husband after his fair share of Instagram appearances.


Celeste’s hubby Api, who’s been affectionately dubbed her “hot husband” takes it all in his stride, and the comedian has nothing but glowing praise for him.

“He’s a very good sport and I’ve retired him.

“He’s the most excellent human in the world. I love him so much and we’re totally doing all this world together.”

She does admit, however, lockdown, like for many couples, was a “nightmare” to endure.

“Every 10 minutes, we we’re about to get divorced,” she says with a laugh, “I found it so weird when people said ‘There’s going to be so many babies from lockdown’ we were in separate rooms.”

Api has been quite the sport.


Celeste shares two sons, Lou, 9, and Buddy, 6, with her husband Api and is also a mum to two step-daughters, Kyah, 20 and Sahra, 18. Parental embarrassment is almost a guarantee in any family, but what do her kids make of it taking a global scale?

“They just think I’m funny.

“I mean it’s weird when I talk around in heels and a bikini about to take a photo. My nine year old son’s like, ‘Isn’t that.. is that inappropriate?’ and I say ‘Probably darling, but it’s paying off this house’.”

Celeste has become the face of MCoBeauty.


We’re about to see a whole lot more of Celeste as she becomes the new ambassador of beauty brand MCoBeauty.

“I love it. It’s Australian which is really important, cruelty free, vegan, the products are really good and not crazy expensive.

“You can get them in Woolies, they’re affordable, which is great because everyone deserves to feel amazing.”

Like many others before her Celeste’s number one product is the coveted XtendLash, which has garnered a cult following.

“It doesn’t do those Panda eyes, which I love and it flicks your eyelashes right up to your eyebrows, which is my favourite thing.”

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