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The Project shares an epic throwback of Carrie Bickmore that proves she’s always been cool

There's so much to unpack!
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Carrie Bickmore is Australia’s TV darling who delivers important news a little differently four nights a week, with her unique perspective and enviable charm.

But even before she found her high profile as one of the country’s biggest broadcast journalists, she was a fan of another network known for its groundbreaking format.

Somehow the Project TV Instagram account got its hands on a vintage pic of Carrie from either the late 90s or early 2000s, and there is a lot to unpack.

Carrie is making something in the kitchen in the digital photo while wearing colour tinted sunnies (inside), with a navy-blue MTV Music Television T-shirt.

Her beauty look is also reminiscent of its era with her poor eyebrows plucked thin (thank God they grew back), and her hair swung back into a slick back ponytail.

The Project captioned the iconic shot, “Did you even like @mtvaustralia if you didn’t wear the merch at all times?

“Check out MTV’s biggest fan @bickmorecarrie!.”

As expected, the post hit a nostalgic nerve and fans of Carrie, and the show flooded the Instagram’s comment section with their own MTV stories.

One follower wrote, “Real fans wear the merchandise 👏,” and another posted, “I had the MTV T-shirt.”

“Real fans wear the merchandise.”

(Credit: Instagram)

Fans may never know which MTV bands and acts turned Carrie into such a fangirl, but one thing is for sure, she looked incredibly cool in the kitchen – like a rockstar herself.

Last night on the show, the radio host celebrated her fresh hairdo after Melbourne’s lockdown.

She posted a selfie onto her Instagram story with a glitter filter illuminating her face and hair.

Her hairdresser gave Carrie a blunt trim and a fresh dye to maintain the host’s iconic silver-blonde locks.

Of course, Carrie’s hair looks stunning.

(Credit: Instagram)

Carrie captured her hair artists” work, “I don’t take a hairdressing appt for granted! Thanks @marieuva.”

One thing is clear, throwback or not, the mum of three looks incredible then and now.

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