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EXCLUSIVE: “It’s time to party!”: David Campbell is bringing back Carols By Candlelight with his signature style, and he may even sing a tune

''It is a great tradition.''
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After a year of lockdowns, restrictions and more, David Campbell admits he’s looking forward to this year’s carols broadcast for one big reason.

“It’s time for a party!” the singer and Today Extra co-host tells TV WEEK.

“It just feels like we all worked so hard and so long through everything that’s happened so for all Australians, particularly those in the arts, it’ll be just great to chuck a party! I’m really excited.”

David, who takes up Carols hosting duties with Ally Langdon for their second time (after skipping last year when Covid restrictions meant they couldn’t make it to the broadcast) said this year will mark a welcome return to normality for an event that will mark its 84th year in 20021.

“It is a great tradition and I think that sense of community is something that we’ve all been hankering for since the lockdowns started happening,” David, 48, tells TV WEEK.

“Things like getting the family together, singing together, I think we’ve been missing those things and that’s part of what makes this night so magical.

“Seeing all the faces lit up by candles, the kids really hopped up on sugar dancing around until way too late, all of that just makes for a great night!”

“Things like getting the family together, singing together, I think we’ve been missing those things.”

(Credit: Nine)

Joining David and Ally on the Carols stage this year will be a long list of our best performers, including Marina Prior, Silvie Paladino, Rob Mills and Bobby Fox performing a duet, David Hobson. Denis Walter, Tim Campbell, Anthony Callea, Bonnie Anderson and more.

“It is a great line-up and it deserves to be a great line-up,” David says.

“I think a lot of people within the art for the arts community have had such a bad run recently and it’s great to see that easing up.

“Artists aren’t meant to be locked up and not heard from, part of the deal of being an artist is that you get to express your art, whether that’s singing, performing, dancing, playing music whatever and they’ve just been in their rooms doing it on Zoom which is not the same.

David and his family with their Christmas decorations.

(Credit: Instagram)

“I think it’s going to be really cathartic for a lot of performers out there on the night and there might be a lot of tears.

And yes, David says, he will be belting out a tune himself.

“Well, I think I might have to let to some air out of my tires too, they’ve been pumped up for way too long!” he says.

“I’ve got a bit of a surprise up my sleeve this year and hopefully one that’ll work really well. No spoilers, but it should be good!”

CAROLS BY CANDLELIGHT, December 24, 8pm, Nine Network.

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