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Cameron Daddo and Alison Brahe reveal the secrets that saved their broken marriage

There have been some almighty ups and downs for Cameron Daddo and Alison Brahe, but their marital flame is burning brighter than ever!
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For years Cameron Daddo and his wife, Alison Brahe, have been regarded as Australia’s “golden couple”.

The handsome TV presenter and the successful model were the picture-perfect match and the nation was thrilled when they solidified their love and commitment to one another by tying the knot in 1991.

Now, with 29 years of marriage under their belts, the couple – who have three kids, daughters Lotus, 24, and Bodhi, 14, and son River, 20 – are telling all about their relationship, the good, the bad and the rotten!

In 2019, the duo launched Separate Bathrooms And Other Handy Marriage Tips, a revealing podcast about their married life. They admit there’s not much they haven’t had to face.

“Anything you can throw at a marriage – we’ve done it!” says Cameron, 54.

“We’ve lived in multiple countries, we’ve had kids, and we’ve been separated and we’ve been bankrupt,” Alison, 49, says, adding that she and her husband have also had hours of marriage counselling.

Alison and Cameron have had ups and downs in their 28 years of marriage.

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Pain and tears

In early 2019, Cameron revealed he was unfaithful to his wife when he was working in the US early on in his career in 1994.

“I was the one who left the marriage,” the Aussie actor said, revealing when it came to overcoming his transgressions, “honesty was the best policy”. However, he admits the marriage could never be the same.

Alison says she was inspired to do the podcast so she could speak out about the common fallacies of marriage and relationships. She reveals it was quite confronting to receive messages from fans putting the duo on a pedestal, deeming their relationship as “couple goals” or saying they wish they could “have what you have”.

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“You don’t get to 28 years of marriage without a hell of a lot of work and struggles – and a fair chunk of pain and tears,” admits the ’90s Aussie cover girl.

“But what you do get is a massive amount of learning – you learn forgiveness and there’s an enormous amount of self-growth. We just didn’t want anyone thinking that their marriage or relationship sucked in comparison to ours.”

When it comes to romance, Alison and Cameron admit there’s no one way of doing things.

“Everyone’s definition of romance is going to be different,” Alison explains, admitting that while chocolate and flowers might work for some, they’re not going to work for everyone.

And Cameron reveals he’s seduced by being listened to. “I find it very sexy – when someone asks you a question and listens, and actually pays attention,” he says.

The Aussie glamour couple married in 1991.

Feelings of love

But when it comes to their saving grace, Cameron says it’s actions rather than words that keep the spark alive.

“I read somewhere that love is a verb,” he says. “The feeling of love comes from the action of love and if you’re falling out of love, choose the action to love them! That’s where the feelings of love start to grow from.”

Looking back at a time when he was “out of love” with Alison, the Golden Fiddles star says he took action to find love again. He also credits marriage therapy, which gave him “great tools” and helped shift the couple’s way of thinking. “We would look at each other and think, ‘What do we love about each other?’ rather than what we don’t,” he says.

Early this year, Cameron confessed he was unfaithful to his wife.

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