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Brooke Boney makes candid admission about her relationship history

The Today Show entertainment anchor is notoriously private about her dating life.
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Today Show host Brooke Boney has previously confessed little regarding her romantic life, but has admitted her friends often don’t approve of the men she dates.

The 36-year-old made the surprise admission live on air after wrapping up her 6am entertainment bulletin, revealing that her friends often ask “what are you doing?” when they believe she is wasting her time with an unworthy guy.

Her fellow news anchor Karl Stefanovic was actually one of those friends to show concern for her love life and general wellbeing.

“I know you’ve said that a couple times Karlos,” she laughed.

Brooke is a veteran radio and television journalist.

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Whilst the journalist is currently single, Brooke did reveal in September 2021 that she had frozen her eggs as an ”insurance policy” after breaking up with her long-term partner in September 2020, fearing future infertility if she didn’t find the ”right person” to have children with ”in time.”

”It was probably going to be a while before I’d get back to that stage with someone,” she told Sunday Life at the time. ”I wanna give myself the best possible chance if I decide to have a baby.”

Brooke wants to wait until she is 40 years old before deciding to make use of her eggs and future embryos.

Brooke isn’t in a rush to have children any time soon.

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Despite her public life on TV, Brooke remains private regarding her previous partners identity, nor did she share photos of him on social media. However, it was revealed her recent partner was based in England.

Brooke has never officially confirmed the reason for their breakup.

At the time, Brooke’s mother Leonie even came on-air to openly discuss the ideal man she would like her daughter to date.

She even joked that she was “pretty set” on having Zac Efron as a son in law, before ultimately revealing she would be happy for her daughter to date any man, ”as long as he’s a decent bloke.”

”I even told her to try a tradie!” she added, as the Today Show panel burst into fits of laughter.

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