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Today newsreader Brooke Boney reveals she had her eggs frozen following break-up

''This made me feel like I had a bit more control of parts of my life.''
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After the breakdown of her long-term relationship, Today Show’s Brooke Boney made the decision to freeze her eggs.

“I wanna give myself the best possible chance if I decide to have a baby,” she said.

After finding herself single again, the journalist grew concerned over her ability to conceive and decided to take her fertility into her own hands.

Brooke decided to take her fertility into her own hands.

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“Because I’d just gone through a breakup with someone I’d been with for a few years, it was probably going to be a while before I’d get back to that stage with someone new. I didn’t want to put pressure on myself; I didn’t want to date with the intention of finding someone to do that with,” she told Sunday Life.

However, since freezing her eggs her priorities have changed and her career is the most important aspect of her life at the moment.

Now, Brooke wants to wait until she is 40 years old before deciding to make use of her eggs and future embryos.

“I’m no longer obsessed with being a mum. Since I surrendered to the flow of life I feel so happier. And I am more realistic about the pressures of motherhood and its burdens,” she said.

Brooke was recommended by a friend to fertility clinics around Sydney before she discussed the plan with her GP. After much research, the 35-year-old met with a specialist who explained the egg freezing process.

Brooke admitted she would consider doing motherhood alone.

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“I knew that you were born with all the eggs that you are ever going to have but I didn’t realise how quickly fertility drops off after the age of 35. That was really daunting and made me feel a sense of urgency around it,” she said.

Brooke got candid on the arduous process of egg freezing, which begins with blood tests and self-injections once a day, before eventually going up to three jabs a day.

“You have all of these needles in the fridge with little vials of this solution and you have to stick the needle in your tummy. I really hated that part. I cried the first time I had to do it,” she said.

Brooke even revealed that her Today colleague, co-host Ally Langdon, helped her with the injections while on the Channel Nine set as it was easier than doing it herself.

Ally Langdon helped her with the injections while on set.

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“Because we’re in lockdown, I can’t see my mum and I don’t have any friends popping over, so we were in a bubble on the Today show and that’s why I asked Ally if she would mind helping me. I think she might have enjoyed it a bit too much! I was like ‘Ally, settle down!’ She was poking me like a pincushion!” Brooke laughed.

While numerous women admitted they did not enjoy being pumped with hormones during the egg retrieval process, Brooke confessed she loved it! The process made her feel “earth mothery and woo-woo”.

Brooke paid a total of $7000 for the egg freezing, which she says was worth every cent for the peace of mind it brought her.

Egg freezing cost $7000 for Brooke!

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The former Triple J newsreader even planned on doing another round to be “extra careful”.

And while Brooke still holds out hope of meeting The One to have children with, she previously admitted she would consider doing it alone.

“My mum was a single mum, so I don’t think it’s the worst outcome to do it on your own. I just have to wait and see what’s out there for me. But this made me feel like I had a bit more control of parts of my life, which is something I think we’re all really missing at the moment,” she said.

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