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All the times Bert Newton was the cutest grandpa ever

The showbiz legend just adores his grandchildren and his loving wife, Patti, has showed us the pics to prove it...
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Bert Newton is about as iconically Australian as the Sydney Harbour Bridge (come to think of it, his ear-to-ear smile is about as wide as that famous arch, too…).

Now, after years of appearing on our television screens, Bert, 79, lives a chillaxed life, hanging out with his daughter, Lauren, and his four adorable grand children: Sam, eight, Eva, seven, Lola, four, and one-year-old Monty.

It is no secret Patti and Bert love being grandparents, with Bert telling the Herald Sun “They wouldn’t realise it at the moment, but they have made this one of the happiest times of my life.”

Not only that, but his wife, Patti Newton, has a whole family picture album worth of Bert spending time with the little ones – and she has so kindly taken to Instagram to share these memories! The latest round-up of super-sweet snaps? Bert taking on the role as Saint Nicholas, himself!

Here, we look at just a dozen of the sweetest granddad-grandkid photos to hit the internet, care of Bert and Patti Newton.

Bert is born to entertain… And while he may no longer be lighting up our television screens every other evening, he still continues to bring a smile to this little crew’s dials as Santa Claus!

Patti posted this sweet snap of Burt and his mini-me grandson, Monty.

Bert’s granddaughters look JUST like him!

Same goes for this little guy… they just look so much alike!

“There is that old saying, the wonderful thing about being a grandfather, or grandparent, is that you give the kids back. But in the case of Patti and myself, we don’t want to,” Bert joked to the Herald Sun.

Bert and Patti Newton

It was a family affair when the Newtons celebrated Christmas for this exclusive Woman’s Day photo shoot.

“I have a Christmas tradition of throwing a party with the ballet girls I used to work with at Channel Nine at 
my daughter Lauren’s place. 
Bert always arrives as 
Father Christmas and gives everyone a box of chocolates and a kiss; he loves it and so do they,” Patti told Yours magazine.

All three generations of the Newton’s together in this great photo, including their daughter Lauren.

The Newton’s share a laugh on Halloween.

A classic photo for the pool room.

Now we know where baby Monty gets his killer smile.

Bert clearly adores his grandkids!

Clearly Bert still loves being in front of the camera!

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