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EXCLUSIVE: It’s a very Newton Christmas! Festive fun with Bert and Patti

TV’s favourite family are celebrating in a big way!
Bert and Patti Newton

The Newtons have been robbed just days out from Christmas.

It’s been a huge year for Bert 
and Patti Newton.

Not only have they welcomed their fourth grandchild – daughter Lauren’s gorgeous son Monty, born in February – they’re also thrilled their son Matthew is now happy and settled in New York.

And if that wasn’t cause for joy enough, the iconic couple also celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary last month.

“That’s certainly 
a lot of Christmases spent together,” Patti tells us during their exclusive Woman’s Day photoshoot.

“Our [celebrations] have changed over recent years,” Bert adds.

“It used to be very much our family, obviously, with our son and daughter, and Patti’s mum and my mum.”

Bring out the mistletoe! Bert and Patti just celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary.

Lauren, who is married to former Olympic swimmer Matt Welsh, will bring the children 
– Sam, eight, Eva, seven, Lola, four, and nine-month-old Monty – over to Bert and Patti’s home 
on Christmas morning.

Santa will already have arrived at their place – but, conveniently, he’ll also be making a stop at Nan and Poppy’s, too.

“Santa comes to their place, for some reason, in a very big way,” Lauren explains with a laugh.

“He leaves presents – some at ours, and some at Nan and Poppy’s.”

For the full, exclusive interview and photo album (including photos of Bert dressed as Santa), be sure to pick up this week’s magazine!

Bert Newton with his grandkids

Bert reads to his little ones, Lauren’s four kids Sam, eight, Eva, seven, Lola, four, and nine-month-old Monty.

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