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Former Bachelor Blake Garvey ‘in a relationship’ with 23-year-old model Tania Mondon

Apparently the pair have been dating for two years!
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Blake Garvey’s relationship history has been interesting, to say the least. The former Bachelor made headlines after he proposed to Sam Frost on national television in 2014, only to admit later he had chosen the wrong girl and his heart belonged to Bachelor second runner-up, Louise Pillidge. However, in recent times, Blake has been spotted dining in Perth with an unknown brunette, who sleuths have identified as 23-year-old Tania Mondon.

The Daily Mail allege the couple have been together for two years, meaning the pair could have got together shortly after Blake, 35, ended his relationship with Louise back in April 2016.

Tania, 23, and Blake, 35, were spotted dinning together at a Perth restaurant. (Source/ Facebook)

(Source/ Facebook)

Tania’s LinkedIn lists her as the ‘front office supervisor’ at Crown Towers in Pert, however, the gorgeous brunette also had a modelling background as seen from posed shots uploaded to her private Instagram account.

Tania’s has an Instagram following of 2000 and her bio lends insight into her interests: ‘Do everything with love and passion. Fashion x Family x Friends x Music x Travel Perth, Western Australia. Little Creole Mix’ it reads.

The beautiful brunette is a model. (Source/ Facebook)

Blake Garvey and Sam Frost

Blake proposed to Sam Frost in 2014 on The Bachelor only to end the relationship weeks later, claiming his heart belonged to second runner-up, Louise Pillidge

Blake Garvey has kept a low public profile since ending his 18 month relationship with Louise. At the time, the pair revealed the severe effects of public scrutiny on their mental health had an irreconcilable effect on their relationship.

“I’ve gone through bouts of depression and I know we’ve both gone through some acute anxiety,” Blake said in an interview with Today Tonight.

“You get looks and you know that you’re starting a series of conversations in the room just because you’ve entered it. That and many [other] factors make you really very self-conscious.”

Blake Garvey and Louise Pillidge

It’s thought Blake and Tania started dating soon after the former Bachie star ended his 18 month relationship with Louise.

Both Blake and Tania are yet to confirm their relationship, however another reality star has put up her hand to claim she had dated the former Bachelor. Speaking with OK! magazine, Married At First Sight star Tracey Jewel admitted to dating Blake when they were younger. She was even asked to go on his series of The Bachelor.

“It was actually to go on Blake Garvey’s season, which is weird because we’ve actually dated before,” Tracey explained.

“We met during high school, we were 17.”

“Yeah,” she laughed, “we were both each other’s firsts.”

Well that’s one reality TV couple we never expected, Blake Garvey and Tracey Jewel!

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