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Anthony Callea reveals he is “Mr Bloody COVID positive” by sharing a lengthy message detailing his Delta variant symptoms

''My head felt like it was about to combust.''
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ARIA Award winner Anthony Callea has tested positive for COVID-19, and has detailed his symptoms for what is likely the Delta variant on his Instagram.

The 39-year-old singer, who is double vaxxed, shared a picture of himself in his bed with a pillow around his chest and wrote a lengthy paragraph to announce his diagnosis.

“You know when people say to you “you just gotta stay positive”? Yeah nah, I think we gotta rejig that saying in COVID times, as I would really love to be the biggest of “Debbie Downers” right now, I’d even be a “Karen from Brighton” but no, I just can’t help myself can I… I just had to be Mr bloody COVID POSITIVE,” he began.

Anthony proceeded to share a detailed message he had written on his notes app to explain his journey, which began on Sunday when he woke up “In the most excruciating pain.”

He had a headache that felt like his “head was about to combust,” and pain in his throat, chest, and eardrums.

The The Prayer singer took a rapid antigen test which came back positive, his husband Tim also did a test, but his result was negative, and their PCR tests had the same outcome.

The singer continued to sincerely reflect on the ordeal’s impact on his life by sharing, “To be honest, the past three days have been really scary; I’ve never felt this before in my life. Today is the first day I’m actually feeling somewhat human, I can’t speak from all the coughing.

“I’m really tired, and throat is still sore, but at least I feel alive.”

Anthony is double vaxxed but missed out on his Jan 3 booster because he contracted the virus.

(Credit: Instagram)

He revealed that his doctor put him on “specific respiratory medication,” a “Ventolin inhaler”, and pain killers.

Anthony also consulted his vocal specialist to ensure the virus doesn’t damage his cords, which he was grateful to discover shouldn’t be an issue because he has “vocal cords of steel and full lung capacity.”

“So maybe, just maybe, being a singer is helping me in this scenario!”

(Credit: Instagram)

“So maybe, just maybe, being a singer is helping me in this scenario! Who would’ve thought,” he joked.

Thankfully he is expected to leave isolation on Sunday, and he spoke highly of his husband for looking after him “so brilliantly.”

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