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EXCLUSIVE: Anthony Callea and husband Tim Campbell reveal the secrets to their happy marriage

Seven years after saying 'I do', Anthony Callea and Tim Campbell reveal what makes their relationship work.

By Phillip Koch
Former Australia Idol star and new Celebrity Apprentice contestant Anthony Callea laughs out loud when asked who does most of the cooking at the modern Melbourne apartment he and husband Tim Campbell – and their much loved 13-year-old rescue dog Oscar – call home.
"We have four ovens in our kitchen and I don't know how to use any of them," Anthony happily admits.
"Every time I have to microwave something, I yell out to Tim or text him to ask, 'What button do I press?'"
Tim, 45, is only slightly better at navigating the kitchen.
"We cook like university students," he laughs.
"Cooking for us is heating up a soup or making some sort of salad. We're either out or ordering Uber Eats or we're just away. We don't cook. We don't do a weekly shop to cook anything."
If it was left up to Anthony, 38, they would dine out every single night.
"I love eating out and I don't really enjoy cooking," he says.
Still madly in love, both agree that communication is the key to the success of their relationship. (Image: Phillip Castleton/Are Media)
"I don't like cleaning up the mess from cooking, especially when it's just the two of us or I'm home by myself. I'm very good at using a NutriBullet though, and I can make a great protein shake."
When it comes to cleaning, however, Anthony confesses he's borderline OCD.
"Tim is actually a very clean person, but I grew up in a household where I could eat off my mum's floor – her house always smelt like bleach and there was never a cushion out of place!"
They may occasionally bicker over Anthony's need for a perfect "display home", but arguments are few and far between for this couple, who tied the knot in New Zealand in 2014, three years before same-sex marriage was legalised in Australia.
"It was quite a beautiful moment to realise that we were now a legally recognised married couple in our own country," Anthony says, adding that both he and Tim celebrated the historic event with a martini as they watched the announcement on TV.
They mightn't cook but these two know how to whip up a delicious cocktail. (Image: Phillip Castleton/Are Media)
"I thought I would never get married. We spoke about it for a while, and we both felt we didn't need a piece of paper to validate our love. However, all of a sudden it just felt right and I'm actually so grateful we did get married."
Tim says the simple act of professing their love for each other in front of their families helped "solidify" their relationship, which began 13 years ago after Anthony struggled with coming out after finding fame on Australian Idol.
"We were surprised that it did make our relationship better, because we never thought it would make a difference," reveals the former Home And Away and House Husbands star, who has also made a name for himself as a singer.
Still madly in love, both agree that communication is the key to the success of their relationship.
"I think it's really important to be in tune with each other," says Anthony.
The couple bond over their shared love of music. (Image: Phillip Castleton/Are Media)
"It's not easy all the time, especially in the field we work in. We spend a lot of time at home with each other, which can sometimes be a little bit testing. I think it's a very unique situation to be in and it's a really beautiful relationship."
Sports-mad Tim believes every couple needs to work at keeping a great relationship, but says it should never be a chore, and that you should retain your own identity and interests.
Case in point – he's still laughing at Anthony being banned from Shane Warne's cricket parties after embarrassingly mistaking Michael Slater for world champion surfer Kelly Slater!
"You work at it to make it easier. We never want to walk on eggshells with each other. We're fairly open and lay our cards on the table. We're very transparent," says Tim.
"Sometimes you don't want to have those conversations about exactly what you are feeling and why. But it's even worse to let those things fester."
Tim and Anthony on their wedding day in New Zealand in 2014. (Image: Supplied)
One conversation they have had is about children, with both agreeing that Tim would make the better biological parent if they were to use a surrogate rather than adopt.
"We've always said if we have a surrogate it will have to be my sperm," Tim says before Anthony confesses, "I'm scared to have another little one of me running around. Can you imagine? There's just no way!"
For now, Tim and Anthony are having way too much fun after giving life to a whole new platform during the pandemic and finding millions of new fans with their online shows and lip-synching parodies of scenes from everything from Kath & Kim to Friends and Housewives Of Melbourne.
If speculation is correct, their brilliant online performances could even land this couple their own reality show.

"You know I wouldn't say no, and it's kind of been spoken about," Tim says, joking that it could also end up in divorce.
Meanwhile, Anthony reckons he would be perfect for a "Househusbands of Melbourne"-style show, and could easily fill the heels of The Real Housewives of Melbourne star Gina Liano.
"Let's be honest, we're not going to do SAS together!" says Tim.
Anthony, who will star on Celebrity Apprentice with close friend Michelle Bridges later this year, claims his only concern about doing reality together is how he would be edited.
"I think in our relationship Tim will always come across as the nice one and they will see me as the person who is totally out of control and has a bit of a fiery temper," he says.
For now both are just happy to be working again after months of lockdowns. Anthony is over the moon at the prospect of returning to live performances, with his Together Again tour kicking off in Melbourne on May 6.

The Together Again tour dates:

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