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“Could a special question be on the cards…?”: Andy Lee and Rebecca Harding spark engagement rumours

Fans are convinced!
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Andy Lee and Rebecca Harding are currently in the city of love, so it’s no surprise they haven’t been able to escape engagement rumours.

After posting a coupled-up picture in front of the Eiffel Tower, fans were quick to suggest a proposal was imminent.

“Perfect place for a romantic engagement or even a wedding 💒,” one user wrote.

Is a proposal in the cards?

(Image: Instagram)

Another added: “I’m predicting proposal during this trip Andy.”

“Could a special question be on the cards…?” a third added.

Andy has yet to respond to his inquisitive followers.

The caption of the post itself simply read: “Never heard of the tower behind us but people were making a rather large deal about it 🤷🏻‍♂️.”

“Le drunk in Paris 🇫🇷.”

(Image: Instagram)

Bec also commented on the photo, sharing a love heart emoji.

This is just the latest photo that Andy and Bec have shared of their European adventures.

Just two days ago the comedian shared a happy selfie with the model, penning: “Le drunk in Paris 🇫🇷.”

WATCH: Andy Lee and Bec Harding reuinite over zoom. Article continues after video

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Andy was instantly besotted with then-waitress Bec back in 2014, so much so that he left his email at her place of work in the hopes that she would reach out. She did, and the rest is history.

The podcaster has previously spoken about engagement plans, hinting that he and Bec are not rushing towards the aisle.

“I’m just waiting for Bec to do it!” he joked on The Kyle And Jackie O Show in August, before admitting he doesn’t think Bec would be the one to propose.

“I’m just waiting for Bec to do it,” Andy joked about a proposal.

(Image: Instagram)

“I’m a bit old school, but I think I’m safe because she’s pretty old school as well,” he shared.

As for how he intends to pop the question, the comedian joked he needed more time to “organise the flash mob in a public area”.

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