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Andy Lee puts girlfriend Rebecca Harding to the ultimate test during their sweet reunion

But did she pass?

By Faye Couros
While Andy Lee is filming his new show The Hundred in Sydney, the comedian has been separated from his girlfriend Rebecca Harding.
Like many couples in lockdown, they can only reunite over a video call, which can prove tricky, but they gave it a go while making dinner this week.
The model is stuck in Melbourne's lockdown and has had to take care of their home on her own while she supports Andy from afar.
However, he wasn't convinced that Bec had been paying attention to his new project, so he decided to play what he dubbed the "ultimate girlfriend test" with her.
He posted the hilarious exchange onto his Instagram story and shared his suspicious line of questioning with fans.
"I am with Bec on Zoom at the moment. I want to see if she remembered the show is on," said Andy as he walked into his temporary kitchen.
He walks closer towards his screen and shouts, "Hey, Becca, should we be finishing the food in time for anything?"
She stood on her side of the call for a second, contemplating the question, perhaps unsure what Andy was getting at.
Watch Andy question his girlfriend over video call below.
She replied, "Yes, The Hundred with Andy Lee. On Channel Nine at 8:45."
Andy erupted with laughter at her very candid response.
And while still laughing at Bec, he had one last query to bring to the call.
"You've passed the test," he laughed. "Did you remember, or did I remind you?"
"Na, I remembered," said Bec.
Which was followed by a still unconvinced Andy saying, "Eh, okay!"
Bec's hand after she saw a doctor to contain the wound. Instagram
Since parting ways earlier in the month, both Andy and Bec have had to tackle very different hurdles.
Bec managed to slice open her hand while attempting to make dinner with Japanese knives, and she documented her bandage journey on her Instagram.
At first, she decided the cut wasn't too bad, and she wrapped up the wound on her own.
But after a trip to the doctors, she was prescribed antibiotics and given proper hospital-grade bandages.
While Bec was getting proper medical help, Andy recruited his good mate Hamish Blake as his singles bubble buddy in Sydney.
Andy and Hamish enjoying beers while in lockdown. Instagram
Andy announced the news on his Instagram by uploading a picture of himself smiling with Hamish as they hold beers.
The television host captioned the picture with a tongue in cheek comment about needing to conduct a thorough process to choose his singles buddy.
"After a long and thorough process, with numerous background checks and references read, I finally chose my' singles bubble' buddy! #NoRegrets," he wrote.