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“Getting older is a gift”: Amanda Keller’s wise words as she rings in her 60th birthday

''I think you only start to age when you think your best years are behind you.''
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She’s one of the country’s most beloved TV and radio personalities, and Amanda Keller’s refreshing words as she rings in her 60th year are ones everyone needs to hear.

Taking to Instagram on her 60th birthday, Amanda shared an image of the 1871 painting Whistler’s Mother by James Abbott McNeill Whistler alongside several throwback snaps and touched on why she’ll “never whinge” about ageing.

Amanda Keller shared throwback snaps to mark her 60th birthday.

(Image: Instagram)

“Today I turn 60,” the Living Room host remarked in her caption.

“When I was younger I imagined that meant looking like Whistler’s Mother. But it’s not. ( although I do like a chair with back support).”

She continued: “Getting older is a gift. I’ve had friends who haven’t had the chance to age, so I’ll never whinge. I think you only start to age when you think your best years are behind you. Here’s to more. X”

“I think you only start to age when you think your best years are behind you.”

(Image: Instagram)

Amanda’s friends and fans shared their birthday well wishes in the comments.

“Happy birthday my friend!!!! Still putting bums on seats! Xxx,” her radio co-host Brendan ‘Jonesy’ Jones penned.

“Happy happy birthday you glorious funny gorgeous fabulous woman! ❤️❤️❤️,” Packed To The Rafters star Rebecca Gibney wrote.

Meanwhile TV star Sam Mac remarked: “Happy birthday to one of the absolute greats 🙌🏼 x”

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In a chat with TV WEEK last June, Amanda revealed she feels “mostly happy” with what she sees in the mirror and doesn’t shy away from being 60 “in any way”.

“I feel really lucky that at 60 I’m busier than I’ve ever been, professionally. But a lot of my friends are saying the same thing: looking for a third act. Our lives just aren’t over at 60,” she shared.

Over the years, the mum-of-two added that whilst she feels grateful for the opportunities she’s had, there have also been “hard yards”.

“There have been years of IVF for two children, there have been years of turning up at jobs that were difficult or stressful. So I’ve loved the ride – it sounds like I’m about to cark it, doesn’t it? – but I’ve worked at the ride as well.”

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