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Things get thorny between Alex Nation and Richie Strahan

Poor Alex looks absolutely devastated...
Alex Nation and Richie Strahan

All our favourite Bachie couples seem to be biting the dust…

First Sam and Sash, then Tiffany and Megan

And now these startling new exclusive photos of Richie Strahan and Alex Nation have us clutching our roses and praying to Osher they can overcome this tiff.

The 25-year-old and her rope technician beau seemed to be on their final tether following an outing in Perth, last week.

Onlookers noticed the mother-of-one was in tears after the pair had a heated exchange.

During the tense appearance, Alex kept a safe distance away from her boyfriend and the pair didn’t speak to each other.

Alex fought back the tears…

Tense times? Nothing cool about these two bananas.

The classic “I’ll deal with this situation with a pair of shades…”

Meeting in the tres glamorous setting of a reality TV show, the pair haven’t exactly had the fairytale many Bachie couples experience after that highly anticipated finale.

The nation was not on board with Miss Nation winning Richie’s heart and many fans were quite vocal about wanting the utterly delightful (and if Ten knows what’s good for them will make her the next Bachelorette) Nikki Gogan to be the woman standing in front of Rich holding the final rose… And a Zamel’s ring.

^ The face of an angel

Despite the severe backlash, Rich and Alex made it through the wilderness and half a year later, are still together.

In fact, according to our trusty sources (the duo’s Instagram accounts), they simply couldn’t be happier.

Putting on our Inspector Clouseau hat, we discovered a hole…

Sharing a snap from the same day as their frosty date, Richie uploaded a sweet black and white photo with his lady love and pooch.

We have no idea whether pic was take pre or post fight but it seems Alex has drawn a line in the social media sand.

She may be smiling in the photo, however the 25-year-old is yet to like or comment. Both very telling things in these modern times.


We reconigse the grey hues in Alex’s top…

Aha! We’ve seen those sunnies before…

AHA X 2! Richie’s Top Gun inspired shades played a key role in his Instagram post on February 23.

Clearly, something happened between the pair.

Speaking to us exclusively, Richie recently touched on how like every relationship, he and Alex face their own hardships.

With the 32-year-old based in Perth and the single mum in Melbourne, the couple are doing long distance… Which is tough at the best of times, let alone being the reigning couple from Australia’s supreme reality TV show.

“For Alex and I – we’re working on moving [in together],” the Perth local told us.

“It’s a big process and it’s not easy moving states, finding a place… There’s an awful lot to it. I’m sure something will happen this year. It’s all really exciting!”

Ahh if looks could kill.

Alex kept a few steps behind Richie (Images/exc Backgrid)

Rich also confessed that his relationship takes a lot of work and you need to “nurture the love.”

“You’ve got to always talk to your partner. Never fly away when you’ve had an argument – try and settle it in person.”

“Like you fly away and you’ve had an argument, my goodness! It makes it very hard to patch things up!”

“When you’re both working, there can be a lot of frustration because you’re both living lives,” Richie added.


Despite the challenges, Richie and Alex have made it through a lot.

And over the past few months, the 32-year-old has become very close to his girlfriend’s six-year-old son, Elijah.

Speaking of their friendship, he told us about his hopes on being a strong figure in the six-year-old’s life, musing, “The little guy can always come to me.”

Alex and Richie, please kiss and make up. We’re not ready for another Bachie break-up.

In fact we just might have the perfectly sweet way you can patch things up…

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