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Have The Bachelor's Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon broken up?

In news that has us utterly gutted, Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon may have called it quits.

By Melanie Burton and Bella Brennan
Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon unexpectedly became a couple after falling for each other during last year's season of The Bachelor.
Since then, the nation has become captivated by their unlikely love story and they've fast become our favourite couple from the Bachie franchise.
The ladies recently took their love story overseas and relocated to Bali. But on Thursday, the pair shared several cryptic Instagram posts hinting at a potential break-up.

Megan shared a solo photo of herself on a cruise in Indonesia looking downcast, with the leading caption: “Exactly what I needed today. Nature, diving, solitude.”
Meanwhile Tiffany appears to have left Bali and is back in Perth. On Thursday she posted a pic of herself at a dog park in Fremantle, with the caption: “CR E A T U R E C O M F O R T S” along with the hashtags “comfort” and “oceanhealing”, and “lostinlife."
Fans immediately speculated that they could be dunzo.
“I’m broken hearted. (sic) Hard to assume but the sign says you aren't together anymore i really thought you were my #relationshipgoal,” one user wrote on Tiffany's feed. “Omg please don't tell me you broke up,” another commented.
The pair have also removed their joint email address from their Instagram bios. Oooooh!

Megan recently spoke to Now to Love about the challenges that came with living abroad.
"Instagram portrays this wonderful life but for Tiffany and I, it’s actually been quite difficult with our relationship being in the media – having to deal with that and our families as well," she explained.
"We’ve had a little bit of a rough time in Australia. I don’t know if [moving to Bali] has strengthened our relationship but I’d say it feels like a massive relief."
"It sounds like we are [living the dream], it’s really easy on social media to make it look like I’m living this amazing life. But it’s also quite hard," the reality star confessed.

Megan also opened up about the financial strains the pair were facing, revealing they had no steady income.
"Tiffany and I are living off our savings, doing a bit of this and that and Instagram work."
"We don’t have any regular work over here so we’re pretty poor! It’s probably why living in Indo is so great while we work on this project and not getting paid until it all comes through," she added.
NW have reached out to Megan and Tiffany for comment.

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