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Abbie Chatfield and Chrissie Swan tease a new mystery project together

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Chrissie Swan and Abbie Chatfield have teased an exciting new project with each other after developing a close friendship on the set of The Masked Singer.

The co-panelists took to Instagram on Wednesday night to share an upcoming mystery collaboration.

“Again. What on earth are we up to?” Chrissie, 41, captioned the snap.

In the photo, Chrissie and Abbie, donning matching red jumpsuits with hoods, posed next to a crouching red statue of a man.

Chrissie shared this photo, teasing an exciting new project.

(Image: Instagram)

While the pair didn’t reveal what their new venture is, Chrissie joked that their outfits made them resemble Squid Game contestants.

Abbie took to Instagram on Wednesday to heap praise on her Masked Singer co-panellist Chrissie Swan, saying the former Big Brother star is the best thing to have come out of her fame.

“How lucky am I to have found a friendship with such a beautiful soul? I think my friendship with @chrissieswan is my favourite thing to come out of this career,” Abbie gushed.

“I’ve always admired her from a far, but now I get to do it up close!!! Love you chook ❤️”

Chrissie was also feeling the love, responding: “Feels like family. What a gift! Love you too, Chook.”

“Can’t wait to have you in The Compound next week. Bring Uggs! 😍” she added, referring to the Masked Singer set.

Abbie, 27, and Chrissie, 48, have forged an unbreakable bond while shooting the current season of The Masked Singer alongside fellow judges Dave Hughes and Mel B.

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Abbie’s public display of affection for her colleague comes after Chrissie dispelled the myth that female TV personalities are constantly being pitted against each other.

“I’ve never seen a single example of this in [my 20-year career. I think it’s a media construct,” Chrissie told our sister site WHO in July.

Having starred on everything from Big Brother, to The Project and now The Masked Singer alongside Mel and Abbie, she’s worked with plenty of impressive ladies through the years.

Abbie and Chrissie have formed a strong bond while co-judging The Masked Singer.

(Image: Instagram)

But Chrissie said that the friendships and respect we see between the women on TV continues even when the cameras aren’t rolling.

All of her relationships with other women are “built on mutual respect and understanding” so it’s easy to see why the 48-year-old doesn’t believe in the myth of women being pitted against each other.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some amazing women in my career and The Masked Singer crew is no different – we’re having the best time filming at the moment!” she adds.

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