The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer Australia has unveiled its winner for 2022!

Did you guess the celeb?

By Tia Thomas
The fourth season has unmasked plenty of local and international celebrities, but only one star could win The Masked Singer Australia 2022.
After an intense season finale where fans watched Snapdragon, Mirrorball and Rooster battle it out for the top position, it was revealed that Mirrorball was the 2022 winner!

Once crowned this season's winner, Mirrorball took off the mask and revealed their true identity to be Melody Thornton.
The guesses for Mirrorball ranged from Hilary Duff to Fergie. However, out of the four judges Chrissy Swan, Abbie Chatfield and Mel B, the only judge that guessed Melody correctly was Dave Hughes.
It was no surprise that Mirrorball was the winner after being on top of the ladder on Sportsbet since the show's beginning.
It's all over! (Image: Ten)
"It's, like, all of you are so amazing, and it was, like, so nice to have just lovely comments and encouragement as well to bring this character alive more and more. You made me safer and safer," she said after her victory.
"I thank you so much. I love you all so much."
After being crowned the winner of The Masked Singer Australia, host Osher Gunsberg asked "How does it feel to have won?"
"I'm so happy! I'm so happy. I...I kept saying, "You know, if you don't get it, it's fine. "You work hard, and it was great'."
"And I did, I walked away with really good... Like, I was like, 'This really helped my relationship with myself'."
This year's season have featured some massive names behind the elaborate masks, including Blowfly who was revealed to be Shannon Noll underneath the mask.
Although the reveal was not a shock to fans who could recognise that legendary voice anywhere.
When Blowfly was finally revealed, the former Australian Idol star was shocked his old friend Dave Hughes didn't recognise him.
"Mate, you picked me every other year!" Shannon said in reference to his time on the singing competition.

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