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Abbie Chatfield loves a lighthearted overshare, but when it comes to her boyfriends, she likes to play a little coy – here is every man she has dated publicly

''I’ll never talk about who I’m dating publicly.''
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Abbie Chatfield has built a career from the dregs of a broken heart after former Bachelor Matt Agnew rejected her for Chelsie McLeod.

Standing on a rock in South Africa, Abbie looked flawless during the 2019 Bachelor final with her wavy blonde hair and tight eyeliner – and boy did her eyes shine as she handled her rejection like a pro.

The nation’s favourite Gemini dominated headlines for weeks after the reality TV moment aired and while there was a lot of misogynistic backchat, many women around Australia found themselves to the influencer.

After all, she’s all about sex positivity, she’s funny and very open about her embarrassing moments on her podcast, It’s A Lot.

Though she loves a little lighthearted teasing, in March 2021, Abbie was called out by Bachelorette Brooke Blurton on her podcast when she revealed Abbie, who is bisexual, rejected her not once but twice.

However Abbie responded that she’d actually said yes, joking: “You live in Perth… WA has been closed for 14 million years since the dinosaurs roamed the earth.”

Despite her candour, Abbie previously vowed that she’d never talk about who she’s dating publicly and only a few men have stolen her heart enough to receive a soft or very hard launch on Instagram.

Now that she’s officially confirmed she’s dating Brooke’s Bachie ex Konrad Bien-Stephens, let’s take a look back at all the men Abbie’s publicly dated.


Abbie Chatfield

Konrad Bien-Stephens

Okay, so it looks a little awkward to bring up Brooke when one of her contestants, Konrad, has started dating Abbie, but we’re sure she’s their number one supporter.

After weeks of rumours (and some saucy pictures of the two kissing in Byron Bay) and teasing on her Instagram that she had met another Gemini, Abbie hard launched her beau on Instagram.

She posted a slew of love-filled pictures and videos alongside the caption, “Me: I’ll never talk about who I’m dating publicly. This mf: 🧍.”

Following his elimination from Brooke’s season, the man of the hour revealed how the whole romance got started to TV WEEK.

“Meeting her was totally random,” Konrad told us over the phone, revealing that a mutual friend had introduced them.

“When I met her, we got along like a house on fire. We have talked since then about the whole [Bachelor/ette] experience, but at first it was really just that I thought she was rad. We got along so well.”

But will two Geminis fare well in love?

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Abbie Chatfield gives Konrad Bien-Stephens a face massage with her foot

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Abbie Chatfield’s “relationship style” with Konrad Bien-Stephens


Abbie Chatfield

Danny Clayton

These two were a little bit of a confusing union because they half came out but were quick to retract their public hints.

It all began when Abbie took to Instagram to share some intimate pictures from a wedding they attended.

“Joyous vibes 😫,” the I’m A Celebrity… Get me Out Of Here star captioned the snap.

Then rumours reached new heights when she made a follow-up post on her Instagram Stories.

“FYI I was nine when I had a crush on @dannyclayton. Dreams come true,” she wrote, in reference to the fact she watched Danny on telly as a kid.

The next day, however, Abbie back-tracked by writing: “Everyone @dannyclayton isn’t my boyfriend just an FYI. I mean, last night had a few wines. Adore him, I mean adore ya babes but like… not my “boyfriend.”

So, were they, or weren’t they? For now, we don’t know (who knows, Abbie may release a tell-all one day)?

Although, we do know Abbie has taken a peek at his number because she revealed he is well endowed during an interview on the podcast Too Much Tully.

“It’s so big. It’s f*cked… His dick is comical. It’s comical,” she told the hosts.

Channel Ten

Abbie Chatfield

Matt Agnew

Ah! The nerd Bachie… the man who could have been her number one but alas was not.

However, was Africa really the end? Because this year, it looked like they may have done the old slide into the DMs because Abbie revealed she still feels fondly for Dr Matt Agnew.

The 26-year-old shared a series of videos on her Instagram Stories with the introductory caption, “…dare I?” as she clicked play.

“Tell me why my heart is racing,” she said while she watched the part where she met Bachelor Matt’s friends.

While Matt’s friends seemed confused that Abbie was there, Matt was shown saying kind things about Abbie and defending her to his friends.

“He’s so beautiful, isn’t he?” Abbie says to the camera.

“Honestly, I will not stand for an iota of Matt slander, he is the nicest man I’ve ever met,” she revealed.

“He was so beautiful to me. No matter what anyone says, he was so hot, and smart, and funny. You know, we love Matt.

“Just, you know, too bad it didn’t work out,” she reflected.

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