Six ways to get a kiss on New Year's Eve

Pucker up!

By Jessica Vander Leahy
If there is a single person out there who doesn't at least hope for a New Year's Eve smooch from someone special we haven't met them.
According to historians people have been locking lips at New Year's Eve bashes since the 8th Century BC.
The tonguey tradition can be traced back to the Ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia which was generally celebrated at the end of December to honour the deity of Saturn and induced a carnival-style atmosphere. It was here that those saucy Italians would hook up and generally corrupt one another in any way possible. Latin poet Catullus called the festivities "the best of days".
Nowadays New Year's Eve is still an event that encourages some kisses and much debauchery but for single people New Year's Eve is both a source of great excitement and angst.
Exciting because singles can dress up in their Sunday best, dance and mingle with new people at killer (albeit COVIDsafe) parties but, equally terrifying because those without a significant other know, that apart from Valentine's Day (which is not even a real thing!), nothing will make you feel more alone than finding yourself unaccompanied on the dance floor at a second to midnight without someone to smooch.
However with 2020 turning civilisation on its head (here's looking at you, COVID), your New Year's Eve celebrations will no doubt be looking markedly different to previous years. So, remember to follow the latest government guidelines and restrictions in your area to see what kind of merry making you can get up to.
If you're still able to celebrate, we've rounded up some tried and tested techniques guaranteed to help up your odds of pinning down a party pash.
There's no better time to put the "right place, right time" theory into play than a New Year's Eve party. (Getty)
Pick your party carefully
This will basically be the most important tip on the list. Think about it – if you opt to spend the night with your married mates at a close and intimate get together and decide to go on the prowl there, well, it's going to end awkwardly.
Equally so if you're midnight kiss-crazy and choose to countdown with your family – actually not equally, that is much, much worse and that is strongly advised against. Go to a party and probably the bigger, the better.
Bigger bashes mean more people to mingle with and if you take some great wingmen/wingwomen then this will likely up your chances exorbitantly.
Talk to everyone
C'mon. Don't be that girl. Y'know, the one that comes to the party and only talks to potential pash partners but blatantly ignores everyone else.
Chat with every friendly face you see and if the person you are keen on is in a group conversation, don't just zero in on them because no matter how subtle you think you're being everyone will notice and that will make things awkward. And in case you didn't know, awkward isn't romantic and will, at best, lead to a pity pash and no one wants a pity pash.
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Don't get too drunk
This is an important one because while NYE calls for a few dranks you need to remind yourself not to overdo it. There is possibly no bigger turn-off than seeing someone walk into a room all respectable-like only to turn around an hour later to see that same person doubled over near a pot plant getting reacquainted with the tasty hors d'oeuvres they ate on the way in. Moderation is everyone's mate and the faint smell of vomit is no ones.
Don't get desperate
There is nothing more off-putting to a potential smooch than someone who reeks of desperation – no matter how lovely you look. Have a chat and for the first three questions avoid asking anything about their relationship status. Calmly drop in queries about who they came to the party with after you know a few other unrelated facts first.
But if you are starting to get feverishly despo prepare to drop your standards sweetheart because all of the classy singles will smell it like bad perfume. Pretty soon you will start to wonder if that sweaty fella in the brown corduroy suit and purple loafers is kind of attractive, especially when you tilt your head this way and only look out of your left eye, right?
Remember – someone would be lucky to kiss you!
If you followed step number one correctly then you are likely NOT to be the only single person in the room. There is probably a quiet collection of solo party people with the exact same midnight mission as you so don't sell yourself short.
And if you don't get a kiss...
If you find yourself at five minutes to midnight with no potential kisses then quietly slip off to the toilet, find a vacant cubical, go in, lock the door and wait there until the festivities are over… KIDDING!
If you find yourself at five minutes to midnight with no potential kisses then raise your glass and scream, "Happy New Year!" along with everyone else when the clock strikes 12! Have fun and revel in the fact that you can smile widely to greet the New Year without some stranger's tongue halfway down your throat.
Getting/not getting a kiss is not the end of the world and it's certainly not a barometer for how your love life with be in the year to come.
A New Year's Eve party is just a party so do what you do at every other one and ENJOY IT! After all, a good celebration goes well into sunrise so you might have some time yet…

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