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Lockdown milestones never looked so good! Inside Zoë Foster Blake's iso birthday extravaganza

''Forced cuddles and photos.''

By Faye Couros
In an unfortunate bout of bad luck, Zoë Foster Blake's birthday plans have been squandered once again, thanks to the indiscriminative COVID-19 and its ensuing lockdowns.
In 2020, Zoë, who was living in Melbourne, turned 40 in iso and couldn't ring in her milestone with the same fever she intended. The beauty expert and her family then moved to Sydney at the end of last year and now that the harbour city is in lockdown, she's welcomed 41 similarly but with a touch of defiance.
Taking to Instagram, Zoë shared a picture of herself dancing in a shiny metallic dress as she flips the bird at Covid.
She captioned the moment with a sarcastic vent about her unfortunate stitch up. She wrote, "To think I was but a sweet baby lamb in my thirties before this s---show kicked off… Anyway! I hear getting double lockdown birthdays is actually good luck. Real five-leaf clover.

However, by looking at her Instagram Story, it seems the Foster Blake household did the best it could to spoil Zoë.
Zoë's kids Sonny, seven, and Rudy, four whom she shares with husband Hamish Blake, created homemade cards for their mum and a crossword puzzle filled with words like "beautiful," "hugs," "coffee," and "kisses."
The family headed over to the beach because it was an unusually warm winters day, so the perfect opportunity to laugh on the sand.
The author posted a family photo with her two children, and she wrote, "Forced cuddles and photos cos birthday witch gets what she wants."
Well, the "birthday witch" was most spoilt by her comedian husband, who baked a sponge cake for her, and Zoë was happy to report it was "perfect."
Such a cute family moment. Instagram
On Hamish's Instagram, the comedian paid tribute to his wife with the most perfectly lighthearted but loving message.
First, he mused about the unfortunate lockdown and how he locked her down 10 years prior, "Last year Vic locked you down on your birthday. This year, NSW locked you down on your birthday. Heck I can't talk, about 10 years ago I locked you down too. I hope you take it as a compliment my girl that we ALL see you as a shining diamond and total babe so want to lock you down."
The rest of his message was filled with even more wholesome compliments, but the biggest highlight comes at the end when Hamish recounts his wife's hilarious reaction to his bday prank, which featured Rudy's old unicorn cake.
Hamish's cake looks delicious and he knows it. Instagram
"No matter the circumstances, you keep pumping good things into this world, and on behalf of the world (and your other housemates), I thank you, and love you. Think you overreacted a bit when I gave you a 2 week old yet almost intact unicorn cake, but happy birthday nonetheless! ♥️🍰."
Despite having a second lockdown birthday, it seems like everything turned out perfectly.