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Zoë Foster Blake's very exclusive home salon is the ultimate mother-daughter bonding moment

Can we get a booking?

By Faye Couros
One must overcome many inconveniences while in lockdown, and one of the most underrated annoyances is not being able to see your masters of beauty.
Salons and spas are closed for our collective safety, which means regrowth, split ends, overgrown eyebrows, and unruly body hair are left to their own whims.
For a time, it can feel kind of nice to allow yourself to let go and to enjoy throwing out your grooming routine, but after a while, enough is enough, and it's time for some DIY beauty.
Please have a steady hand mum! Instagram
Zoë Foster Blake and her 4-year-old daughter Rudy know that rough feeling, and they decided to put their locks in each other's hands.
The mother-daughter duo created a makeshift and quite exclusive home salon to tend to their tresses.
First up was the gorgeous Rudy.
Taking to her Instagram story, Zoë posted a picture of herself attempting to trim her daughter's fringe.
She captioned the moment, "And officially reaching home haircut time (she'll do mine next)."
It appears the family salon has a strict dress code of coral pink, and Zoë opted for a jumper while Rudy decided a T-shirt would suffice.
They also decorated their new home shop with gold and pink party curtains, leftover from Rudy's 4th birthday, that certainly add a kitschy but luxe vibe to their exclusive hairdressers.
Keeping up your beauty routine is hard in iso. Instagram
Rudy's love for a good haircut is well documented, and earlier this year, she outsourced her haircut to hairstylist Travis Balcke.
Her beauty guru mum shared the moment in her Instagram story, and she wrote, "Have you ever seen someone love a haircut more than this..."
In the three shots from her luxurious haircut, Rudy looks calm, collected, and relaxed, which is just the energy she gives off in her latest beauty collaboration with mum.
Rudy is the best patron ever. Instagram
But the question on everyone's lips is how the young apprentice will impress Zoë when it's her turn behind the scissors.
Perhaps the duo will upscale their salon to include nails if the lockdown in Sydney continues to wreak havoc on their beauty routines.