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EXCLUSIVE: Why Yvie Jones can't wait to "get loose" with Grant Denyer in new gig

''It’s non-ratings time so we’re going to get loose and have a lot of fun!''

By Alex Lilly
She rose to fame watching TV with her bestie Angie Kent, but we're going to be hearing a lot more from Yvie Jones this summer.
The former Gogglebox star is set to host the summer breakfast radio show on the HIT network alongside Aussie national treasure, Grant Denyer.
"It's non-ratings time so we're going to get loose and have a lot of fun!" Yvie exclusively tells Now To Love.
While the pair have appeared together on Grant's show Celebrity Name Game and graced the HIT airwaves previously, Yvie says they haven't yet had the opportunity to sit down and plan their show together.
"Grant and I have only ever seen each other through work but we've never had enough time to sit down," she says.
"Once we get creative and meet up with our producer, I know we're both going to come together with a lot of good ideas. We've both wanted to work with each other before so this is actually really good to see how we do work well together and see if there's anything in the future for us."
"It's non-ratings time so we're going to get loose and have a lot of fun!" (Image: Network Ten)
Yvie adds that she thinks the secret to their radio success will be their similar sense of humour.
"When I listened to Grant doing the breakfast show with 2Day FM, he's similar to me in that he doesn't like to s--- cam. I don't like that, I'm more about let's have fun and be kind and make people laugh," she says.
"There's others that don't do that and that's fine it's just not my kind of show. It's a fresh approach so hopefully people will love it."
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In a previous chat with Now To Love, Grant shared his excitement about returning to the airwaves by Yvie's side.
"I had an absolute blast with that radio show [Grant, Ed and Ash] and I wouldn't change it for the world, so it's really cool to be able to some stuff with SCA and do things like summer breakfast," the dad-of-two said, before adding that the appeal of being on air was the fact that "radio is loose, fast, wild and free".
"It's a really exciting medium. I got a big buzz out of doing radio so I'm glad to continue working for them [Hit Network]."

Yvie has also teamed up with Fantastic Furniture to find Australia's scariest sofa and while she expected most people to have TV remotes and loose change lodged in their couches, there are some real shockers.
"There are some pretty gross stories- one woman said she found maggots in her lounge!" Yvie admits.
"That Gogglebox couch I left back in Sydney when I moved down to Melbourne and I thought whoever ends up with that couch is probably going to regret it. Between Angie and I and the dogs it's got wine, slobber, hair and chicken necks."
"Whoever ends up with that couch is probably going to regret it." (Image: Instagram @angie_and_yvie)