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Grant Denyer just made a very real confession about having sex after children

''There's no love going down.''

By Alex Lilly
When you become a parent, some things become a little more different and that includes having alone time with your partner, as Grant Denyer knows all too well.
The 41 year-old 2Day FM breakfast host made a shocking on-air confession about his sex life (or lack thereof) with his wife Chezzi, 40.
Grant confessed that he and his wife Chezzi are "a long way" from where they were in the bedroom department. (Image: Getty Images)
"I ain't getting no sex!" he boldly declared to his co-hosts Ed Kavalee and Ash London.
"We are a long way from where we were, Mrs D and I."
The TV WEEK Gold Logie winner went on to say that he and his wife only get intimate "once a month at best", or once every three months and their two daughters, Sailor, seven, and Scout, three are part of the reason for that.
Before, Grant confessed that he and his wife were "just a couple of freak machines," but things have changed.
"Our kids burst in everywhere we go, I can't go to the toilet without my daughter wanting to sit on my lap."
"So I said, 'Let's get under the doona Mrs D,'... so I literally had to pitch a tent with this doona."
Amid fits of giggles, the 2Day FM Breakfast host continued, "The process had started and we're under the doona and the kid bursts the door open, runs in, jumps on top of the bed and lands on what and nearly snaps it in half. And that was it, I can't do this anymore."
Grant and Chezzi wouldn't be the first couple to have their kids burst in on them! (Image: Instagram @grantdenyer)
Grant and Chezzi, arguably one of the country's cutest couples, have been married since 2010 and during his Gold Logie speech, Grant shared his victory with his wife.
"My beautiful wife Chezzi, oh, my god. We did it darling. We bloody did it. Wow. We've come a long way. I owe this to you," he said.
"We are an incredible team and you've been there by my side through the best and the worst. And we've had some down times and we've had some great times and I want you to share in this moment because this is yours as much as it's mine."
WATCH: Grant Denyer wins Gold Logie at 2018 TV WEEK Logie Awards. Post continues...
They may be stopping him from getting lucky every now and then, but Grant is a dedicated dad to his daughters and told TV WEEK that he considers every moment he spends with his family at their farm in Bathurst in country NSW as sacred.
"The girls understand Daddy comes home and he's sometimes tired, or he might need a nap or go to bed early," he says.
"In the hours we're together, we muck around, jump on the trampoline, play with the dolls' house or run outside with the dog. We ride quad bikes together; we go on little adventures."
"I'm deeply protective of ensuring that we have a balance, because it's not a game you want to get wrong. It's about making that time count."

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