5 random ways you can improve your sex life

From wearing socks to bed to finally getting that promotion, ramp up your horizontal tango with these, err, interesting sexual mood-boosters.

By Katie Skelly
Forget expensive lingerie and 50 Shades Of Grey-inspired sex toys (although, those can be fun, too), because improving your sex life can be as easy as watching TV and waking up to the colour purple.
Yes, we're serious.

1. Get more sleep

While one might assume that in order to have great sex, two people may have to sacrifice sleep, it turns out the two go hand-in-hand.
Research from the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) has revealed poor sleep to be directly related with a lack of sexual satisfaction in women aged 50-79.
Data collected from more than 90,000 women found that participants who slept less than seven or eight hours an night received less fulfillment from their sexual encounters, however, this didn't affect how many times they engaged in sexual intercourse.

2. Get a TV for your bedroom

No, we're not even kidding.
A recent survey of Brits revealed that couples who had a TV in their bedroom had up to twice as much sex compared to those who reserve TV time for the lounge.
Of the 74 per cent of participants who answered 'Yes' to the question, "Do you have a TV in your bedroom?", 67 per cent agreed that the bedroom television time added to the quality and frequency of sexy time.
Why? More than one third of the test subjects admitted to watching porn with their partners, while 32 per cent believed their healthy sex lives were enhanced by being able to simultaneously watch their favourite shows.

3. Ask for a raise

A study published in the International Journal of manpower collected the data of 6,000-plus Greek men and women in a bid to find out if their rate of pay contributed to their sexual frequency in any way.
Now would be a good time to request that meeting with your boss because as it happens, researchers found that those who were paid 5 per cent more than other participants were engaging in sexual activity the most at four or more times a week.

4. Whip out your paintbrush

While waking up to the colour purple may not be to everyone's taste, a new study has uncovered that couples with purple walls, bedding or furniture have significantly more sex (3.49 times a week) than those who slept in rooms with other colour schemes.
Red came in at a close second with a commendable 3.18 sessions per week (here's looking at you, Christian Grey), with blue sitting on 3.14 times at a close third.

5. Wear socks

While they're definitely not the sexiest item of clothing, wearing socks during sex has been found to help women achieve an orgasm.
A 2011 study from the University of Groningen monitored a group of women as they tried to reach the big 'O'.
Barefoot, they found that only 50 per cent were able to reach climax, but when given a pair of toasty socks, a whopping 80 per cent left feeling satisfied.
At least you now know what to ask for for Valentine's Day...