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AXED: Grant Denyer's 2Day FM breakfast radio show cancelled

The curse of 2Day FM radio continues...

By Alex Lilly
In radio news, Grant Denyer, Ed Kavalee and Ash London's radio show has been cancelled with 2Day FM confirming the news in a statement.
The final airing of Grant, Ed and Ash's breakfast radio show will be on Friday 16th August.
Gemma Fordham, head of the Hit Network made a statement regarding the 2Day FM breakfast change and thanked the trio for their dedication.
"A huge thank you must go to our breakfast show team, Grant, Ed & Ash, for the past 18 months- they are absolute professionals, have been a true delight to work with and have contributed to a culture of fun, community and inclusiveness we are proud of at 2Day FM."
But what's going to happen to the famous three?
Grant Denyer's breakfast radio gig has come to an end. (Image: Instagram @2dayfmbreakfast)
Gemma continued in her statement, "Ash London will continue to host Ash London Live nationally from 6.30pm weeknights."
She added, "Ed Kavalee will continue to fill in for Kate Langbroek, who is enjoying the European summer with her young family, with Hughesy from 4.30pm. Grant Denyer will continue making appearances around the Network."
As for who will replace the trio, Gemma revealed that the station will "play just music for breakfast" with Jamie Angel returning to the 2Day airwaves.
The trio's final breakfast show will air Friday August 16th. (Image: Instagram @ash_london)
Grant has broken his silence releasing a statement alongside a series of 2Day FM themed images on his Instagram account.
"Well that was bloody fun!" he began.
"Last ever show on 2Day FM tomorrow. I have really enjoyed it. It's nice to join an elite group of people who've been sacked from radio. Tried my hardest, did my best and overshared more than I should have."
He went on to say, "Super proud to have helped win 2Day Breakfast their highest ratings in 5 years, plus grab an ACRA award along the way for Best Newcomer. That was pretty spesh."
"Thanks 2Day FM, thanks to the incredible humans on our team and thanks to my wife Chezzi for allowing me to tell stories about her, like when her boob came out on the roller coaster. Least I won't have to come home to 'that look' anymore.
Grant signed off saying "Thanks mostly to Ed & Ash for the many laughs and countless OMG moments. Hell of a blast. I've learned a lot! Love GD>"
"Thanks mostly to Ed & Ash for the many laughs and countless OMG moments." (Image: Instagram @grantdenyer)
The axing marks the sixth 2Day FM breakfast show to be pulled from the airwaves due to poor ratings.
Former breakfast radio hosts include Merrick Watts, Jules Lund and Sophie Monk with Mel B back in 2014, Rove McManus and former Bachelorette Sam Frost's gig in 2016 and just last year, Ash London was chosen to replace Em Rusciano who quit the breakfast radio show with Ed Kavalee and Grant Denyer in September 2018 shortly after announcing her pregnancy.
WATCH: Em Rusciano takes time off to mark the day she was supposed to give birth to her late third baby. Post continues after video...
Kyle Sandilands, who along with co-host Jackie O once dominated the 2Day FM ratings, was quick to tweet, "Another one bites the dust #seeya," upon hearing the news.
Speaking to the Daily Telegraph about the choice to play music only, the radio personality slammed the network's decision as "another bad move" adding that listeners will turn to other platforms like Spotify if they solely want music.
"I think it is a terrible move because it is not what people want. If they want just music, there's plenty of platforms. It is just another bad move I'd imagine, more of the same, bad moves."
Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O once dominated the 2Day FM ratings. (Image: Instagram @kyleandjackieo)
It's been a tough year for Grant and the Denyer family who have had their fair share of health problems resulting in trips to the emergency room.
In July, both Grant and wife Chezzi suffered a cryptosporidium infection of the bowel as a result of a parasite leaving the pair bedridden. This was just a few short months after Grant was sent to hospital with a ruptured disc after an accident on their Bathurst property.
Grant and Chezzi's daughters weren't immune from health troubles either.
Daughter Sailor, eight, suffered a broken wrist in April while their youngest daughter Scout, three,was rushed to hospital to have her tonsils removed shortly after her dad's accident.
Grant suffered a ruptured disc in an accident on their Bathurst property. (Image: Instagram @chezzidenyer)
Grant was also made to step down from hosting Channel Ten's Celebrity Name Game for two weeks after being struck by gastro.
The TV personality was replaced by Rove McManus and joked about the situation in an official statement.
"Who knew an innocent family holiday in Bali would end with me flat on my back again," he said.
"But the show must go on, and I owe Rove McManus a big thank you for stepping in to my small shoes and hosting Celebrity Name Game for a short stint. A consumate professional, household name and all-around top bloke, it's no wonder they chose Rove to take over while I take some time to recover. The fact Rove fits my wardrobe is only an added bonus."
The Gold Logie winner says his daughters are "the sunshine in any darkness." (Image: Instagram @grantdenyer)
In a previous chat with Now To Love, Grant, who has faced his fair share of ordeals, admitted that his family gave him the strength to carry on.
"I'm not one that copes very well when the handbrake gets pulled on my life," he revealed. "It's a very miserable thing to have happen and it's horrible not knowing what the outcome could be."
Referring to them as "the sunshine in any darkness," the Gold Logie winner credited Scout and Sailor for boosting his mental health.
"And they would chatter to me on the phone like crazy [during the hospital stay]. But there were always a few tears at night between us and then the lights would go out in the hospital and I couldn't help but occasionally lose it after watching an emotional movie or something like that."