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Samantha Armytage's rural romance revealed

The Sunrise host has a new man in her life- and she's never been happier.

Samantha Armytage has a new body... and a new man, too! After rumours surfaced last week that the Sunrise host has found love once more, Woman's Day can exclusively reveal the identity of Sam's mystery boyfriend.
The TV host is said to be smitten with Richard Lavender, a Southern Highlands local who swept 42-year-old Sam off her feet after they met at close friend Skye Leckie's 60th birthday party in April.
It was at that party that Sam, who recently revealed she's lost 10kg as the new WW ambassador, was reportedly left in tears after an argument with then-boyfriend Paul O'Brien, who she began dating in early 2018.
It was that row that saw the end of their relationship, but thankfully for Sam her knight in shining armour Richard, who is said to be nearing 60, quickly stepped in to fill the void.
Sam has been spending time with her new boyfriend at her country home. (Image: Instagram @sevenstyling)

Decent bloke

Friends say Richard, who comes from an established and wealthy family, is nothing but a decent guy, with one friend telling Woman's Day they "can't say a bad word about him".
It's believed Richard and his ex-wife, with whom he shares two daughters, parted ways amicably after realising they had little left in common.
"They just grew apart," another friend tells. "The kids were getting older and I think they just looked at each other a couple of years ago and realised they didn't have much in common any more."
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Self-employed Richard has reportedly been dating casually since his marriage came to an end, but this is his first serious relationship. He remains close to his daughters – one lives with her mum and is still in high school, while the other has moved to Melbourne where she recently graduated from university.
"Everyone down in the Highlands is talking about Sam and Richard," our source reveals. "It's very cliquey down there – everyone knows everyone so it won't be long before it gets out."
"Everyone down in the Highlands is talking about Sam and Richard." (Image: Instagram @sevenstyling)
Locals in the NSW Southern Highlands town of Bowral, where Sam owns a stunning $2.2 million five-bedroom rural retreat, say the couple have been using it as their secret hideaway, with Sam returning to her Bondi home on weekdays.
But while they are thrilled for the happy couple, some friends of Richard's fear there may be one difference between the pair that could cause friction.
"She's a career woman and he's quite old school," one friend explains. "It'll be interesting to see how that turns out."
"She's a career woman and he's quite old school." (Image: Instagram @sevenstyling)

What happened to her ex, Paul O'Brien?

The breakfast TV star's friends have revealed they always had their doubts about Sam and her ex.
"Paul has gone and we couldn't be happier about it," one friend told Sunday Confidential. "He wasn't right for her and all her close friends knew it."

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