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Rebecca Judd seems to have disabled comments on THAT swimwear post

The celebrity mum-of-four who’s just had twins is obviously fed up with hateful comments. And who can blame her?

Sure, Rebecca Judd is an over-sharer in some ways. And she is obviously genetically gifted. But does she deserve to cop really abusive comments on her social media accounts because of this?
It seems that Bec has disabled comments on two of her Instagram posts – that photo of her rocking a black swimsuit and the next image of her adorable twin newborn boys Tom and Darcy.

Rebecca Judd has always seemed to take it on the chin when nasty followers say mean things about her body – but since the 33-year-old gave birth to her boys a month ago, the hate seems to have amped up.
News.com.au claims that before the wife of former AFL star Chris Judd disabled the comment function on her bathers post there were all sorts of extremely mean responses such as:
  • “I personally don’t like that look, its too skinny but wow after 4 kids.”
    “How can you [sic] fkn look like this after giving birth.”
    “You are far too skinny, you look extremely sick and all you did was marry a footballer.”*
If you “follow” someone on social media it seems pretty sad that you do it purely to troll. What a hateful existence. So Rebecca Judd is a gorgeous mother of four with a lovely husband and a fairly charmed life, does that mean she deserves to be targeted with abuse?
It’s understandable why she has shut off comments on those two posts – seriously, haters, never attack a mother's kids - but for the mean-spirited “followers” out there, the comments are still enabled on her more recent posts if you really feel the need to go to town with your vitriol.
Rebecca has pre-empted a media attack on a this image she just posted of her working out.

Here's her caption: "I did clinical Pilates and pre-natal exercise classes 2-3 times a week and credit them with the fact that I'm feeling great, have a strong core, minimal ab separation despite measuring 47 weeks the day I delivered the twins (!!!) and have recovered well... ps. And yes, of course we checked with obstetrician first. Thanks for caring sooooo much Daily Mail."

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