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Pregnant Bec Judd says hubby Chris is now her ‘personal leg shaver’

The pregnant TV personality and WAG won’t be going into labour with hairy pins thanks to her gorgeous hubby, Chris.

Rebecca Judd is pregnant with twins due next month so it’s no wonder there are parts of body no longer visible – and thanks to husband, former AFL player Chris Judd, at least they will remain smooth.

The weather presenter just put up an intriguing post on Instagram to wish the father of her soon-to-be four children many happy returns. And it went like this: “Happy birthday to my personal leg shaver, dresser, driver, cook, cleaner, project manager, school lunch maker, swimming lesson taker, child wrangler, baby daddy etc etc. I’d be up s*** creek without you.”

Any seasoned leg shaver knows the potential bloody outcomes every time you drag out the razor. One slip in concentration and, slice, a couple layers of skin are whisked away. So all credit to Chris for taking on this responsibility – and Bec must have some real trust in her hubby’s razoring skills (his hairstyle may demonstrate that).

We Notice that her message also says “dresser” – considering that Bec is always immaculately dressed, even when just racing around in “ath-leisure” wear, we can assume Chris is also quite the style guru.

Rebecca and Chris have two kids already, Oscar, 5 and Billie, 2, with identical twin boys due next month.

The celebrity mum is a regular poster on social media and has enjoyed sharing this latest journey with her 528,000 Instagram fans.

Only a few days ago, she posted a sonagram of the twins asking for other mums of identicals to share their birth stories and tricks on how to tell the babies apart. “I’ve packed some nail polish for one of them,” she said. More than 550 people jumped on to Bec’s Instagram account to share their tips, support and congratulations.

Good luck with that nail polish hack, Judds.

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