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MAFS' Ines Basic's EPIC Photoshop fail will have you going what the...?

Once you see it though.

By Anita Lyons
Ines Basic has certainly been active on Instagram lately.
The Married at First Sight continues to set tongues wagging, basically EVERY single time she posts.
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But her latest post is a little...unsettling. It seems that in the fury to edit the photo, she seems to have mistakenly taken out a very important part of the anatomy.
Her right knee cap.
Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, the legal assistant posted a pic, holding up her long brunette pony-tail while she appears to be standing on a clear chair - sort of.
"In the mood to hit some Mariah Ariana notes @houseofcb," she captioned the post, referencing the high-pony in her hands.
But Insta fans were quick to point out the epic fail, making comment about the fact that she'd maybe photoshopped a little too much.
See the pic below...
Right knee, wherefore art thou? (Source: Instagram/Innnnes)
"I'm confused where your right knee is," one user asked her.
"Why u have no knees? [sic]" another commented.
While another was VERY passionate with their response: "Photoshop gone wrong!!!!!"
And then there was what we were all thinking: "My brain couldn't comprehend that she was kneeling on the chair and I thought her leg was going through the chair 🙃🤦🏼‍♀️" Same gurl, same.
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While it certainly looks like a massive fail on her part, Ines' knee could actually just be bent on the chair - but honestly, it really is a trick of the eye if that's the case.
Other fans ignored the missing knee-cap and praised Ines on her "incredible body" and just overall "hotness". Frankly, there were just a lot of flame emojis...
But this isn't the first time this year that Ines has caused a raucous on the Gram.
In fact, Ines seems to always be on blast for some of her more controversial posts.
Back in March, Bronson Norrish's "ex", took to Instagram sharing a suggestive picture of herself on her Instagram story, showing her sitting on a bed and pulling up her top to expose her bare stomach.
But it wasn't the staged image itself that surprised us - in fact it's all-too-common to see people use the social media platform as an amateur modelling portfolio.
No, it was the wording that really caught our attention.
The MAFS star wrote alongside the picture: "Show your dad this. Guarantee you he wanna see it."
Hmmmm, we wonder what Ines will post next!
Ummm, this might be crossing a line. (Source: Instagram/Innnnes)