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Joe Jonas opens up about his upcoming wedding to Sophie Turner: "We're very happy!"

Tying the knot isn't a priority for the busy couple.

By Tamara Cullen
Singer-songwriter Joe Jonas is a busy man. In between fronting his band DNCE and acting as one of the four coaches on The Voice Australia, Joe is also preparing to wed his beautiful fiancée and Game Of Thrones actress, Sophie Turner.
But, Joe, 28, admits wedding planning has been a slow process.
"We haven't dived into planning yet," he tells TV WEEK. "In due time, we'll get into it – and then get a lot of help! But we're very happy."
Joe says wedding planning has taken a back seat in their busy lives.
While most celebrity couples opt to keep their news under wraps, Joe says he and Sophie, 22, were "too excited" to stay quiet.
The adorable couple announced their engagement via Instagram in October, 2017.
"We knew it would get out if she was walking around with the ring on her finger so we tried to be timely about it, but the emotions took over," he smiles.
"But, we did leave a lot of phone calls unanswered and tried to make the most of the time to spend together."

Joe, who has been in and out of Australia for six months, is hoping to bring his partner to Down Under.
"I pretty much live here more than anywhere else in the world at the moment," he says. "Even back home, I haven't seen my own place as much as here [laughs].
"So, I'm trying to get her over [to Sydney]. She has wanted to come to Australia for ages and she's in rainy London at the moment, so hopefully we can make it happen."
Sophie, who plays Sansa Stark in GOT, is likely to be filming the final episodes which air in 2019. As the world eagerly awaits its conclusion, Joe admits that even he isn't allowed to know how the HBO series ends.
"Unfortunately not!" he laughs. "I'm a big fan of the show but they don't tell anyone anything – not even her [laughs]. They keep a tight lock on it. I'd love a cameo role though."

As for The Voice, Joe says he won't let his friendship with Aussie starlet, Delta Goodrem, get in the way of winning.
"There are moments in the show where it gets real heated," he says. "We all fight and work hard for the people we want so sometimes, it gets a bit intense."
The singer also believes his rapport with Delta, 33, who previously dated his brother and former band mate Nick Jonas, could be the key to beating the reigning winner.
"We have a brother/sister relationship at this point in our lives," he says. "So it's easier to tease each other and trade barbs."

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