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All the signs that Jett Kenny and Lily Cornish are engaged!

Talk about a whirlwind romance!

By Rebecca Sullivan
Dancing With The Stars is famous for fuelling red-hot romances between celebrity contestants and their gorgeous professional dancers.
Now it seems the show is responsible for another steamy whirlwind relationship and possibly an engagement (!!) between surf lifesaver Jett Kenny, 24, and his dancer partner Lily Cornish, 20.
The sexy duo turned heads from the very first episode of Dancing With The Stars, with producers playing up the couple's sizzling onscreen connection, and even co-hosts Grant Denyer and Amanda Keller frequently making references to their undeniable chemistry.
But it was Jett himself who really fanned the flames early on, admitting that there was a definite "spark between himself and Lily.
"Really, she's gorgeous for starters. I remember the first day I walked in and met her, it was sort of like 'Wow! There's this gorgeous girl just standing in front of me'," Jett said during the show's second episode.
"There are times when we get close in some lifts or some holds or something like that and I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a spark."
Jett and Lily met in January this year on Dancing With The Stars when they were matched as partners. (Image: Channel 10)
The pair lit up the dance floor with their sizzling chemistry. (Image: Channel 10)
But when Jett and Lily first met in January, Lily actually had a boyfriend.
And despite her obvious chemistry with Jett, in March Lily's boyfriend Jock White told The Daily Telegraph that he and Lily were "still together."
"I understand it's just all part of the act," he said of Jett and Lily's supposed onscreen romance.
Now To Love has contacted Jock for comment.
But if you take a look at both Jett and Lily's Instagram accounts, the pair act exactly like a couple in a full-blown romantic relationship.
They spend loads of time together, cracking jokes and giggling on Instagram stories, posting cute loved-up couple shots and commenting on each other's photos.
They've been fuelling dating rumours for a while now, but it's comments from their Dancing With The Stars co-stars on Instagram that have fans convinced they're engaged.
Both Jett and Lily posted loved-up snaps on Instagram on Wednesday night, as the pair attended the Justin Cassin's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia show, held at Sydney's Luna Park.
"Wit woo #MBFWA". (Image: @lilycornish/Instagram)
Jett posted this adorable snap on his page. (Image: @jertkenny/Instagram)
Their DWTS co-star Samuel Johnson commented on the post, "I'll be very pleased when you u ask me to be the godparent!", while Michelle Bridges wrote, "Looks like an edgy bridal outfit to me 😝💋🙏🏼🙌🏼❤️❤️❤️," referring to Lily's gorgeous white crop-top-and-pants look.
Courtney Act's dance partner Joshua Keefe wrote: "Nawww stop it you two. Heart explode. Chunks flying everywhere. 💥".
One of Jett's close friends and fellow lifesaver Rhys Burrows sent his congraluations to the couple, writing: "So happy for you guys!"
And even Jett himself wrote to a fan comment: "There's a reason she's hiding her left hand. Don't want people to know just yet."
Both Jett and Lily's followers also picked up on the very engagement-ish vibes of their posts.
"Congratulations on your engagement @jertkenny and @lilycornish," one follower wrote, while another said, "ooo when's the wedding lol".
How is this NOT a couple shot??!! (Image: @jertkenny/Instagram)
When asked about the romance rumours last month, Jett said they had a chuckle at the amount of interest in their relationship.
"Yeah, it's pretty funny to have the 'confirmed couple' pieces. It's funny and we sort of don't really notice it,' he told TV WEEK.
"We hang out, and dance all the time together, and you become such good friends. We're so close to one another that it just seems normal and, like I've said before, she was kind of like my dance girlfriend and we knew that our dance relationship was going to come to an end."
The pair were set to be split apart following DWTS, with Lily returning to her native Tasmania and set to travel around the world.
"It's a bit hard when we live in different states, she's going back to Europe to work at the end of the year but, fingers crossed our paths cross again. But I definitely think we'll stay connected," Jett said.
WATCH BELOW: Jett Kenny's emotional farewell on Dancing With The Stars. Story continues after the video.
The couple were hot favourites to win Dancing With The Stars, but were sadly eliminated about halfway through the competition.
In an emotional farewell, Lily offered a heartwarming dedication to her partner.
"I couldn't be prouder of you Jett. You've just been amazing and I'm so lucky to have worked with you," Lily said to Jett after they were eliminated.
"I've had some really good times," Jett agreed.
"Lily has ... we've had our ups and our downs and wanted to kill one another, but we've made it to the semi finals and at the start it was getting through week by week, so for her to get me here is a big feat."
We can't wait for the wedding!

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