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Dancing With The Stars’ Jett Kenny opens up about those rumours about dance partner Lily Cornish

“I’m 100% committed to our relationship!”
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The chemistry between lifesaver and model Jett Kenny and partner Lily Cornish has been obvious from week one of Dancing With The Stars.

In fact, their connection is so sizzling, many viewers it’s gone well beyond the dance floor!

“We are very close,” Jett, 24, admits. “She has insight into my life that a lot of people wouldn’t know about. We’re there for one another.”

The chemistry between Jett and Lily is off the charts!

Jett and Lily spend every day together – “hours on end, almost 24/7,” according to Jett. And yes, the word “girlfriend” is being bandied about.

“I pretty much call her my ‘fake girlfriend’ or my ‘dancing girlfriend’ now,” Jett, 24, says.

“We’ve got to know each other really well. Everyone thinks we’re dating, but we’ll just have to wait and see how things pan out.”

Jett calls Lily his ‘fake girlfriend.’

Professional dancer Lily has even packed up her life in Tasmania for the duration of the DWTS run to join Jett on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

“We’re not living together – she’s found accommodation about 15 minutes away from me,” he says.

As for whether he’s dating anyone else, Jett says no – citing Lily as the reason.

“I’m 100 per cent committed to my fake dance relationship,” he says with a laugh. “I couldn’t deal with the emotions of two females at the moment. One girlfriend is enough!”

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Dancing With The Stars airs Monday, 7:30pm, on Network 10.

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