Trinny Woodall reveals her daughter almost let her latest top-secret project slip

''We were so under wraps, nobody was allowed it out.''
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Trinny Woodall has gained a legion of beauty-loving fans (including us) with her self-named makeup line, Trinny London, so, moving into skin care seems an obvious, and highly welcome next move.

Naturally, she’s kicking off the new line with two cleansers—perfect for washing away aforementioned makeup—,which Trinny kept under tight wrap until now.

The top-secret project was almost unveiled by accident, however, by Trinny’s daughter, Lyla, who’s known for pinching her products.

“She kept stealing my samples and taking them to school,” Trinny tells Now To Love.

“We were so under wraps, nobody was allowed it out, sometimes I would film at home and we realised it was in the background because I’d been using it and we’d have to delete the whole film.”

She continued: “Then, I saw one day—I didn’t tell anyone in the office they would be horrified—but she’d posted a picture of her in front of a mirror, and she had everything there!

“And I called her up like, “What are you doing?!”

Trinny says Lyla often borrows her products.


Luckily, the photo was taken down seconds after posting, and the project remained a secret.

That was, until today, when the beauty maven released the new line featuring the Be Your Best Enzyme Balm Cleanser ($60) and the Better Off AHA/PHA Gel Cleanser ($50).

Suitable for all skin types, Trinny reveals she uses both cleansers in her routine and alternates according to the season.

This is Trinny’s first foray into skin care, and it doesn’t disappoint.

(Trinny London)

If you’re after a targeted approach however, the gel cleanser (containing natural quillaja, oat amino acids, lactic and malic acid) is best suited to oily skin types while the balm (containing pineapple enzyme and almond, borage and linseed oils) is for to those prone to dryness.

“In the morning I use the Be Your Best Enzyme Balm in winter and in the summer I use the gel, then in the evening I always double cleanse starting with the balm,” she reveals.

You can shop the Trinny London skin care range, here.

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