Trinny Woodall’s secret to nailing the art of a “no-makeup makeup” look

Because beauty is ageless.

If there’s one person who knows a thing or two about helping women look good, it’s Trinny Woodall. From fashion to beauty and even to life advice, Trinny is constantly dishing out tips and tricks for every kind of woman.

That’s exactly why Now To Love sat down with Trinny to chat all things skincare, routine and makeup for women of all ages – or rather, the “ageless woman” as she prefers to say.

“A 40-year-old plus would identify and say that’s what I want to feel,” Trinny says. “I don’t want to feel defined by my age.”

More specifically, it’s through her brand, Trinny London, that she hopes to represent those women, who will at some point find themselves thinking, “I want to choose, make the right choices,” she echoes.

“We are the brand for the right choices because we tell a story, we explain skincare, we help you understand a routine, and we want to make makeup easy, but still be you.”

“I don’t want to feel defined by my age.”

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With the rise of “no-makeup makeup” looks and even celebrities embracing a bare-face at major events – take Pamela Anderson, for example, going completely make-up free at Paris Fashion Week – embracing natural beauty has never been more in trend.

“It made me see [Pam’s] vulnerability more, which is not a bad thing at all,” says Trinny, “it’s just a different perspective. Because when people have a lot of makeup on, it becomes a mask.”

There’s also a profound difference between having no makeup on and “no-makeup makeup”, Trinny points out, where the latter is about “looking like you don’t wear makeup, but not looking at all tired.”

“It can take as long as a good makeup look. It’s just using colours that are very neutral to your face. And then actually wearing no makeup is what Pam did at Paris Fashion Week,” she says.

One way to achieve a “no-makeup makeup” look is with a BB cream for lightweight coverage that can smooth out the skin for a flawless base.

For Trinny, it’s her very own product, the BFF SPF 30 Cream, that she uses first thing in the morning when “I want to have hardly any makeup” but still want a touch of coverage.

Trinny and her daughter Lyla.

(Image: Instagram)

It’s also about understanding how makeup has evolved over the years. In the 80s, it was all about achieving a certain look, and in the 90s, it was all matte, a bit of bronzer and no blush.

“Then you get to the naughties and the 10s and you’re thinking, ‘this is the makeup that has always saved me’, but then it’s suddenly not working for you,” Trinny says.

“Then you have to figure out, what is it? Is it that having that matte skin when my skin’s a little bit tired, makes it look more tired? So how do I introduce glow without seeing my teenage daughter who does glow, to an extent that I think she’s sweaty? How do I get that balance in what glow represents on the skin?”

“But it’s simple; don’t put the glow where you would naturally be oily, don’t do a T-zone of glow, do a cheek and a forehead of glow. Because then there’s life to your skin,” she says.

Along with her beauty and skincare line, Trinny recently launched her book Fearless to collate the valuable style and beauty tips she shares with her ‘Trinny tribe’ on social media, into one easy-to-digest manual.

“I just thought of all the different life things I talk about, from business to getting your self-confidence back to looking after yourself,” she says of what inspired the beauty and style guide.

So, armed with Trinny’s tips and her cult-products from her beauty brand, it’s never been a better time to try new things within the beauty sphere and find the products that work.

Which is exactly why we’ve shopped around and chosen some of our top picks from Trinny London – all of which you can see below.

Where to buy Trinny London in Australia

BFF SPF 30 Cream, $75

For light, barely-there coverage, the BFF SPF 30 Cream should be top of mind on those “no-makeup makeup” days for a flawless go.


Eye2Eye, $34

To enhance your look ever so slightly, the Eye2Eye is where you should look. Choose from a range of moisture-enriched cream-based eye shades and liners.


Miracle Blur, $49

Smooth fine lines, pores and acne scars with Miracle Blur – a creamy, colourless formula that blends effortlessly into the skin for a seamless base.


BFF Eye, $50

The BFF Eye serum-concealer is a bright-eyed boost of powerful, clever under-eye coverage that visibly improves dark circles. What’s not to love?


Flush Blush, $40

For a sun-kissed glow, the Flush Blush is a creamy formula that builds and blends in seconds so it’s impossible to overdo.


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