Five skincare essentials you should have, depending on your age

Because beauty is timeless and ageless.

It’s easy to fall into the same skincare routine day in and day out, sticking to the products we know and love. But as our skin ages, it’s important to modify our daily regimen and update our beauty bag accordingly. Holy-grail moisturisers that worked so well in your 30s might not be giving your skin the boost it needs now.

No matter what your age, always remember that we all have imperfections and these are what make us unique, so join Priceline Pharmacy’s Festival Of You and embrace it! This year, Tanya Hennessy, Sarah Jane Adams and Ita Buttrose and more are joining the festival to celebrate all the great things that make every woman uniquely individual.

Here, five go-to products to help you embrace your natural beauty at every age.

In your 20s

No doubt your skincare regimen consists of the latest serums, acids, peels and masks for every kind of bad skin day (we’re not sure what’s worse — dry patches or oily zones?). And since you’re constantly on-the-go, a face mist is essential to refresh your skin and makeup whether you’re in the office, heading out for the night or jetting off on your next adventure. We love Olay’s Energising Essence Mist, which is packed with skin-loving ingredients like niacinamide and vitamin C for an instant hit of hydration and illumination. A good SPF facial sunscreen and a pore-refining serum are also worthy investments to make.

Energizing Essence Mist by Olay, $34.99 at Priceline Pharmacy

In your 30s

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s important to take some me-time and re-energise — skin included. Say hello to self-care, and get your weekly fix with this Firming sheet mask. Heroing natural extracts and oils, it will have your skin instantly feeling (and looking) hydrated, smoother and firmer. Plus the mask is made of pure cotton fibres, so it’s completely biodegradable — good for the environment and your wellbeing. Look to brightening serums and a vitamin-packed eye cream to keep the glow going.

Intensive Firming sheet mask by Sukin, $8.99 at Priceline Pharmacy

In your 40s

As fine lines and wrinkles start to deepen, it’s important to keep your skin energised and hydrated to boost natural radiance. Look to creams or serums that work enhance your skin’s natural qualities, brightening dull, lifeless skin. Formulated with nourishing deer milk, this Rejuvenating Serum targets fine lines and is enriched with amino acids, vitamins and minerals to promote cell repair. It’s super lightweight, hydrating your skin without leaving a greasy sheen. Maintain your skin’s elasticity with a collagen-boosting night cream and an antioxidant-rich toner.

Rejuvenating Serum by kōtia, $74.99 at Priceline Pharmacy

In your 50s

Embrace your natural beauty and live by Sarah Jane Adams’ motto ‘my wrinkles are my stripes’. Avoid anti-ageing creams and serums that promise to have you looking 21 again after just one application (hint: they don’t work), but look for products that will assist in brightening dark circles and promoting skin elasticity. Target the delicate under-eye area with this Freezefreme Revitaleyes solution, packed with Vitamin C, caffeine and hyaluronic acid to give this area the boost it needs. It’s the perfect fix to keep you looking fresh and well-rested (even when you’re not feeling it!). Fight off age spots with a pigment-correcting serum and look for day creams that work to firm, tone and tighten your skin.

Revitaleyes Eye Solution by freezeframe, $69 at Priceline Pharmacy

In your 60s and beyond

As your skin ages, it produces less oil, resulting in lower elasticity and more dry patches, so hydration is essential to improve and maintain texture, tone and luminosity. Invest in a hydrating night cream like this Avène mask that will nourish replenish your skin overnight, putting a whole new spin on ‘beauty sleep’. This gel-cream is rich in thermal spring water to restore the skin’s hydration barrier, with an antioxidant-packed formula that works to detoxify and refresh with every application. Whisk dry, dead skin away with a gentle exfoliator and look for a nourishing day cream for all-day hydration.

Hydrating Sleeping Mask by Avène, $56.99 at Priceline Pharmacy

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