5 areas you’re neglecting in your anti-ageing routine

And how to start showing them some love, now.
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When it comes to our anti-ageing routine, there are some parts of our body we’re guilty of giving a little less TLC to than others. While we’re well versed in the benefits of a good face and eye cream, most of us know little about how to care for our sun-exposed décolletage, cracked lips or age-spotted hands.

Below, we chart the five areas you’re most likely leaving out of your anti-ageing routine, and why you should start paying them some attention, now.

1. Lips

Despite being one of the first places on the face to show the signs of ageing (read: loss of volume and lines), lips are often left out of the anti-ageing conversation. Hydration and sun protection are vital in prolonging a plump pout, but there’s more action to be taken than just sipping water and applying your chapstick.

Invest in a lip serum specifically targeted to anti-ageing that’s boosted with antioxidants. While super-charging lips with a retinol-based balm can seem appealing, be aware that some formulas may cause irritation, so opt for a formula with a gentle retinol derivative instead. Smoking is a sure way to fast-track around-the-mouth wrinkles, so put your butts out, and never leave home without the SPF!

2. Hands

Constantly exposed to the elements, hands can be a telling sign of a person’s age. When left out of your youth-preserving beauty regime, the skin on your hands can begin to thin prematurely, with years of sun exposure resulting in pigmentation.

While the best answer to uneven skin tone lies in prevention (make sure your hands are a part of your daily SPF application checklist), you can restore your skin’s natural tone with the help of a brightening cream. When applied daily, Elucent’s Whitening Hand Cream will help balance skin discolouration, with an ultra-hydrating formula that’s loaded with replenishing oils and vitamins.

3. Knees

As we grow older, the skin above our knees can become saggy and dimpled due to a loss in our skin elasticity. Weightloss can often be to blame for the slackening of skin, however it’s a completely natural part of ageing, made worse by gravity (sigh).

To restore some tone to the area, apply a collagen-stimulating cream daily and regularly work out to try and buildup muscle mass. Dry and discoloured skin can also make you appear older in age, so ensure you exfoliate your knees weekly, and apply a rich moisturising cream daily.

4. Décolletage

Along with our face, our neck and décolletage are often exposed, making them prime targets for skin structure-damaging UV rays. With so little subcutaneous fat to cushion the skin, it’s important to treat the area with care when applying skin lotions, and always opt for a formula with SPF when spending time in the sun.

Tight-fitting bras, as well as our sleeping positions, can cause the skin on our décolletage to crease, resulting in the appearance of lines. As the natural oil production in our skin slowly decreases, and our skin texture starts to become drier, the lines can take longer to disappear. Keep the area’s moisture levels in check with Elucent’s Anti Ageing Body Moisturiser With 12% AHAS. With vitamins B3 and E, the daily lotion will sooth and hydrate your décolletage.

5. Feet

Out of sight, out of mind; it’s usually a while before we even begin to realise the damage ill-fitting or unsupportive footwear can cause to our feet. Shoes should never cause feet to be in pain, so if they are, it may be time to shop around for a new pair.

Overtime, tight shoes can distort foot structure and form painful growths such as bunions. Pointed shoes should never begin to narrow before reaching the ball of your foot, and heels no higher than two inches. The best way to ensure your feet are looked after is to moisturise and regularly remove stubborn dead skin. Seek out advice from your doctor on any discomfort and explore shoe insole options.

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