Tanya Hennessy's new makeup line sold out in just two hours on launch day

Kylie Jenner who?!

By Rebecca Sullivan
Australian comedian Tanya Hennessy is not a beauty blogger, nor a makeup artist or a blood relative of Kris Jenner, but on Friday morning her new three-piece makeup line sold out just a few hours after launching.
By 7am, the three products in her Carb Collection collaboration with Priceline's in-house brand Models Prefer, had completely sold out online.
The collection is made up of three different products: the How Good Is Bread?! Carb-coloured Eyeshadow Palette ($25), the I Don't Know How To Use Any Of This makeup brush set ($40) and I Can't Apply False Lashes Waterproof Mascara ($16).
Each of the eyehadows have been given hilarious shade names, including "Cake For Dinner", "Unsupportive Bra", "Cardio Is Hardio" and "Day Drinking".
Tanya, who also hosts the Hit Network's Weekend Breakfast radio show and does some TV hosting work with Channel 10, says she wanted to create an affordable, accessible makeup collection for "real people".
"People want real makeup from real people that's not pretentious," Tanya told Now To Love at her launch event in Sydney on Friday morning.
Tanya is an Australian comedian and presenter with a massive social media following. (Instagram)
Every single item in Tanya Hennessy's new makeup collection. (Instagram)
In order to settle on the right shades in her eyeshadow palette, Tanya consulted with "so many makeup artists", including Osher Gunsberg's wife Audrey Griffin, who is a close friend.
"I was like 'What makes a good neutral?'" Tanya said.
"I looked at a bunch of different neutral palettes online and I asked what goes best with a wide range of different skin tones, because I wanted it to have a diverse appeal."
As for the hilarious shade names, Tanya said she wanted to make a product that was "funny, not just fun" with a range of everyday shades that can take you "from day to night".
"I like bread like so much, that's why I don't fit into any of my clothes," Tanya joked.
"I was like 'How can we make bread into pans and give them silly names?' Because that doesn't exist. Like the most out-there name is 'Orgasm' [referring to makeup brand NARS' famous Orgasm blush]. What about the names Professional sitter? Yes. Pantless? Yes. Unsupportive bra? Yes. Day drinking? These are things that we all do.
"I wanted to undercut the market and create something completely different."
The rose gold packaging on Tanya's collaboration with Priceline's in-house makeup line Models Prefer. (Instagram)
All of the shades in the eyeshadow palette swatched on Tanya's arm. (Instagram)
But the collection proved to be so popular that early on launch day, the entire range had completely sold out online, leaving some fans "devastated".
"Priceline are saying it's all sold out online, but it was never even available! I have no chance of getting near a store. Totally devastated," one fan commented on Tanya's Instagram account.
"[Priceline] replied to my DM [direct message] at 8:59[ saying sold out. I won't be able to get in store until tomorrow. Pretty devo, carbs are life and this pallet looks amazing!" another fan wrote.
Don't despair yet, because a Priceline spokeswoman told Now To Love the brand is currently restocking the products and they will be available online in a few hours.
The collection is also available in 350 Priceline stores around the country.
A screenshot from Priceline's website on Friday morning showed all of the products had completely sold out online. Now To Love
Tanya, 33, first caught our attention in February 2017 with her hilarious viral video "Realistic Makeup Tutorial", which has since been viewed more than nine million times on Facebook.
The glorious video, filmed on an iPhone, shows Tanya taking her followers through her real-girl beauty bag and showing off all the products she used on a daily basis, featuring unwashed brushes, tiny eyeliners and very old eyeshadow palettes.
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Since then, she has grown a legion of fans who love her brutally honest, no-nonsense humour.
She has 163,000 followers on Instagram and a staggering 1.1 million fans on Facebook.