Sweatproof your makeup!

Don't let the high summer humidity dampen your glam.
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The sweaty months are upon us, and summer in Australia just loves to create havoc with our beauty regimens.

The humidity and an ever-present sheen of sweat tends to cause our mascara to smudge and foundation to slide right off our skin.

The good news is, there are ways to keep your makeup in place, even on the hottest of days. We’ve rounded up the best sweat-proof makeup products to pop into your beauty bag.

Get the dewy look without your makeup sweating off in 10 minutes.

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Know your skin type

To ensure you’re choosing the right products, you’ll need to understand a bit about your skin type.

If you tend towards dry skin, you may not need to worry about summer oiliness as much.

You may also not benefit from more matte base products, like primer or sunscreen.

However, if you possess oily or combination skin, matte products will become a must.

Remember: as with any makeup advice, what works for some may not work for all.

Understanding your skin type can go a long way to help you weed out any recommendations that won’t work for you.


Use this amazing primer paired with either a matte foundation or a dewy foundation for the perfect base.

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If you have oily skin, stick to matte products.

Start with a matte primer to help keep shine at bay from the most fundamental level.

Follow this up with a silicone-based foundation. Water-based foundations may be more likely to shift, whereas silicone foundations are more water-resistant – and by water, we mean sweat!


Make sure to use an eyeshadow primer to ensure your colour stays and then top off with either a volumising mascara or a lengthening mascara.

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One reason your mascara is sliding down your face could be because your eyelids are too oily.

The skin in this area tends to be on the oilier side already, so in summer you need to make sure you’ve sorted out that problem before anything else.

Using an eye primer can help stop the oil from your skin running into lashes, which then minimises the chance of your mascara and eyeliner smudging.

When it comes to mascara, try a tubing product. Sure, you can opt for a waterproof mascara, but tubing mascara comes off easier when the day is done.

Final touch

Whether you are after a matte look, a dewy look or just need the makeup to stay all day, these setting sprays are the best of the best.

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After spending time applying your makeup, the last thing you want is for all that hard work to sweat off.

That’s where a setting spray will come in handy.

A few spritzes of a hydrating spray will minimise smudging and help your makeup last longer – an essential for balmy nights.

For oilier skin types, it’s best to use a water-resistant spray to prevent the humidity from causing further havoc on your skin.

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