Jett Kenny just underwent a massive makeover and the results have him looking more like dad Grant Kenny than ever

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Just over a week after he shocked fans – and mum Lisa Curry – by dying his hair vibrant pink, Jett Kenny has undergone another drastic makeover.

This time the former SAS Australia hearththrob took a razor to his iconic long locks, shaving his head to help raise funds and awareness for the Leukemia Foundation.

Taking to Instagram to document the chop in a video, Jett explained that he has a bittersweet personal tie to the cause, as his friend Jack Hansen’s two-year-old daughter Aspen is currently battling childhood Leukemia.

“I’m doing this because my friend Jack’s daughter was diagnosed with Leukaemia in August last year, just before her second birthday.”

(Image: Instagram)

“I’m doing this because my friend Jack’s daughter was diagnosed with Leukaemia in August last year, just before her second birthday,” the 28-year-old explained in the clip, adding that he’s already raised an impressive $25,713 for charity.

Aspen later appeared in the video as she gleefully watched Jett’s hair being shaved off by a pal.

Mum Lisa Curry was also spotted among the supportive comments, at one point pleading with Jett not to shave off his eyebrows

“No !!!! do not do his eyebrows !!!!!!” she wrote.

Followers pointed out the uncanny resemblance to his dad, Grant Kenny.

(Image: Instagram)

Upon viewing the finished result, followers were quick to point out that Jett’s new look had him bearing an uncanny resemblance to his father, Grant Kenny.

“Awesome effort! You look like your Dad!” one fan wrote, another adding, “Looks spitting image of your dad!”

A third shared the same sentiment, writing, “You look like your dad.”

Earlier this month, Jett revealed he had dyed his hair a dramatic shade of pink ahead of shaving it off.

WATCH: Jett Kenny dyes his hair bright pink for cancer research and fundraising. Story continues after video.

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“When I said pink, I meant PINK. A whopping $8200 has been raised so far for team #allinforaspen and @worldsgreatestshave,” he wrote alongside the photos.

“Nine more days till it all comes off, let’s see what targets we can hit next. Let’s smash 10k!”

He thanked the team that made his hair bright pink “at the drop of a hat”, with mum Lisa expressing her surprise over her son’s new look.

Taking to the comments section, she wrote: “Oh dear… that’s looks … pink !!!! Proud of you my boy xx”

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