Lisa Curry was left shocked by son Jett Kenny's wild transformation, but he has an even bigger makeover planned

It's certainly a look!

By Maddison Leach
Jett Kenny debuted a dramatic new look on Friday, shocking even his mum Lisa Curry with his vibrant new hair colour.
The youngest child and only son of Lisa Curry and Grant Kenny has long been known for his luscious blonde hair, which he often wore loose to his shoulders or in a trendy bun.
But that look is long gone now, as Jett took to Instagram to show off his new fluorescent pink locks.
Sharing three photos of his drastic makeover, the 28-year-old revealed there was a special reason behind his sudden makeover.
Jett Kenny showed off this unreal new look. (Image: Instagram)
"When I said pink, I meant PINK. A whopping $8200 has been raised so far for team #allinforaspen and @worldsgreatestshave," he wrote alongside the photos.
"Nine more days till it all comes off, let's see what targets we can hit next. Let's smash 10k!"
The former SAS Australia star thanked the team that made his hair bright pink "at the drop of a hat", but mum Lisa didn't seem sold on her son's new look.
Taking to the comments section, she wrote: "Oh dear… that's looks … pink !!!! Proud of you my boy xx"

Jett's bold new look came just over a week after he planned to shave his head for the World's Greatest Shave, as he raises money for Aussie families battling blood cancer.
He has a bittersweet personal tie to the cause, as his friend Jack Hansen's two-year-old daughter Aspen is currently battling childhood Leukemia.
"This amazing family was struck with the horrible news that their almost two year old daughter was diagnosed with Leukaemia (B-ALL) on the 17th of August 2021," Jett shared in March when he announced his plans.
The reality star told fans that he planned to shave his head to raise money for the family, as "no family should ever have to go through something like this", though the decision may have long-term implications for Jett's iconic locks.
Jett with mum Lisa Curry. (Image: Instagram)
"I started growing my hair in 2012 and has been long and tied up ever since being able to do so," he said on Instagram.
"There's a strong chance my hair may not grow back as, like my father, I'm leaning towards the bald side of life … Let's try do what we can to find a cure and rid the world of blood cancer for good!"
He's been raising money ever since and has already racked up more than $8,000 in donations and mum Lisa couldn't be more proud.
"Amazing Jett !!!" she commented on his post, also sharing a photo of Jett on her account with the caption "my boy".
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Lisa has always been hugely supportive of her son, but Jett has previously confessed to TV WEEK that he used to struggle with his family name.
"I guess I just didn't understand the warrant of having my last name associated with me," he said, recalling his childhood.
"People have always seen me as something else. I've always been a Kenny and never just Jett."
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