Is your hair making you depressed?

Half of Australia says yes.
Is your hair making you depressed?

If you’re currently examining your hair in the mirror, mouthing the words ‘how did we get here?’ and feeling like the only person in the world experiencing the loss of their formerly fabulous locks, you’re in good company.

New research conducted by évolis has found that fewer than 45 per cent of women will maintain a lifelong head of hair, while one in two men are affected by hair loss. In other words, most of the people you know are in the exact same boat… We’re just not that keen on talking about it.

The same report also found that 40 per cent of Australians have lost their confidence because of hair thinning, and one in five people have experienced depression as a result. When dating, one in two people select a partner based on their hair, and hair loss impacts the love lives of 23 per cent of Australians.

It’s clear hair is pretty important to us, and when it’s on its A-game, it can boost our mood considerably. So, how can we get Kate Middleton-esque volume back without breaking the bank? You have to get to the root of the problem.

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“Stress, diet, medications, illness, age and genetics can all impact the hair cycle,” explains chief scientist at évolis, Dr Dominic Burg. “This can result in shedding, a decrease in thickness and quality of hair and also a reduction in follicle density.”

“My advice for men and women experiencing hair loss would firstly be to get more exercise, reduce stress and improve their diet. There are also synthetic drugs both topical and oral available, but some of these are associated with a number of side effects.”

While making amendments to your lifestyle, consider adding a topical haircare system, formulated to fight hair thinning, to your morning and evening beauty routine.

“There is a new option which specifically assists in hair loss by blocking a protein called FGF5,” explains Dr Burg.

Researchers have found that an overabundance of this protein takes the lustre out of healthy hair. Too much of FGF5 also promotes an increase in hair loss. By blocking it, the hair growth cycle is extended, and that means lusher lengths and fuller roots over time.

Some natural plant extracts (Sanguisorba officinalis root extract, to be exact) inhibit FGF5, so you can rest easy knowing you’re not drizzling some strange chemical concoction onto your scalp! The botanical blend is also packed with antioxidants to improve the volume and quality of your hair right away.

Apply the natural tonic to your scalp twice daily (it dries in a jiffy so you can style as usual) and in eight weeks, you’ll notice stronger, healthier hair, and half as many hairballs clogging the shower drain.

évolis Hair Growth Tonic For Women, $65, at évolis

Hair loss is definitely confronting, but it shouldn’t rule your life. Invest in a hair-plumping tonic, shampoo and conditioner, and while you’re waiting to see results, a few masters of disguise can help you make the most of what you’ve got!

The instant lifters

Charles Worthington Body Booster Mousse, 50ml, $6.99 at Priceline, ELEVEN Australia Volume Powder, $21.95, at Eleven Australia

Smooth a volume-boosting mousse through towel-dried hair to expand the lengths, then lift the roots via a sprinkle of volume powder.

The concealers

John Frieda Root Blur, $19.99, at Priceline, L’oreal Paris Magic Retouch, 75ml, 15.99, at Priceline

When body-building products aren’t enough, a root tint will keep your hairline full and grey-free, so you can feel your best, and beat the tress stress once and for all.

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