How to stop your hair from being a dull, dry mess this winter

Including this expert-approved trick to stop frizzing.
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Winter is the perfect time so switch up your hair style, get a new cut or colour and generally focus on your hair health.

Summer means sun, surf and sweat, and these can all lead to over-washing, dry hair and brittle ends. We asked hair care expert Kevin Murphy for his advice on caring for hair during winter, when the cold can leave us all unenthused about washing (no-one wants wet hair in the cold) and the grey weather can leave hair dull and lacklustre.

How does winter affect hair?

“In winter, hair can become dry and brittle as it becomes dehydrated and moisture depleted. When hair gets wet or rained on your cuticle (think the scales that make up a strand) can open and that’s why your hair can sometimes get fluffy and lose moisture.

Your hair can also dry out because people tend to over style to prevent fluffiness, which is bound to happen with the excess moisture in the air.

Winter weather can dry hair out as you are constantly going from one extreme temperature to the next – outside it’s cold with damp or wet air, then you’re inside where the air is dry and hot from artificial heating. So it’s not surprising that hair can become dehydrated really quickly.”

How can we best treat dry winter hair?

“Choose products with loads of protein and look for moisture-based products. It’s the perfect time to switch up your regime and try different treatments to keep your hair and scalp healthy. Play around with different styling products that contain an anti-humectant that helps repel moisture and keep hair smooth and frizz-free.”

Try these hair-saving products

1. R + Co Atlantis Moisturising Shampoo, $POA

2. [Goldwell Kerasilk Color Conditioner, $34.95](1800 50 60 60)

3. Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Masque, $49.95

4. Pantene Pro-Vitamin 3 Minute Miracle Colour Protection Conditioner, $6.99

What to do with your unruly winter hair…

Are there any cuts or colours you would suggest to get for winter?

“If your hair tends to be on the finer side, I would maintain a bit more length over winter so your hair has a bit more weight to it and so that it sits well in the damper air. It’s a great time to cut off damaged ends from summer – as you wear a lot of high necklines and scarves in winter, it’s great to have some shape around the front.”

Your top tips for air-drying hair?

“Squeeze as much water out of your hair as possible instead of rough-drying it with a towel. Apply a lightweight styling cream that will help smooth down the cuticle and keep your texture in place, to stop hair drying crunchy.”

5. TONI & GUY Damage Repair Mask for Intense Reconstruction, $15.99

6. Kevin Murphy Easy Rider Defining Anti-frizz creme, $39.95

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