Five fail-safe green beauty hacks you need to try right now

Mother Nature will love you for it!
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Want to earn some serious eco-friendly brownie points while still looking good?

It’s easy. All you have to do is try these simple hacks, and you’ll be giving the planet some love – and enjoying a much-needed beauty cupboard makeover – in no time!

Find a favourite scent

Whether it’s an avocado face oil, coconut body balm, a rose face spritz or lavender bath soak – find a naturally derived scent you love so much you’ll continue to use it regularly.

Choosing a scent that’s invigorating can also be the perfect pick-me-up throughout the day.

Going green with your beauty routine is a great excuse to sample new products. (Image: Getty)

Start small (literally)

This transition doesn’t have to be all or nothing! Why not subscribe to the 80-20 natural rule, and slowly introduce greener products to your routine?

We totally get it if your regular nail polish or sunscreen is harder to part with than you first thought. With products you’re unsure of, grab a sample to try before making any big investments.

Shop smarter

By seeking out brands that tap into ethical and natural ingredients produced in various regions worldwide, you can be a part of the movement, too.

“The Body Shop pioneered fair-trade in beauty over 30 years ago,” says Shannon Chrisp, marketing and corporate responsibility director for The Body Shop Australia.

“We source some of the finest raw ingredients and handcrafted accessories, and harness the skills of small-scale farmers, traditional artisans and rural cooperatives, who are experts in their field.”

Eco warrior Jessica Alba’s Honest Company is dedicated to sustainable products. (Image: Getty)

Don’t confuse natural for ineffective

Yes, natural beauty products do work, and no, not all natural beauty regimens mean using coconut oil for everything.

Makeup, for example, is further ahead than you think in the pioneering stakes.

“As with all cosmetics, performance comes down to a great formula,” says Inika Organic’s creative director, Celia Trevisani.

“We work tirelessly to push the performance and application of our natural extracts and ingredients and this is why our products take so long to develop compared to mainstream and prestige products.”

Study up

Confused about ingredients and hard-to-decipher packaging? We feel you.

Get on to your laptop and start looking up what you don’t understand on websites like the Environmental Working Group cosmetics database.

You can search ratings and ingredients to help weed out the not-so-clean contenders.

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