Queen of the chignon: Meghan Markle's best slicked-back hairstyles

Neat, sleek and royally chic - The Duchess of Sussex knows how to execute the humble bun.

By Jess Pullar
In Meghan Markle's world, a bad hair day doesn't appear to exist.
It's a bold call to make, we know - but the proof is abundantly clear in the form of countless images that capture the stylish royal's dark tresses in all their glory.
And trust us when we say that - because ever since Meghan and Prince Harry tied the knot back in May 2018, the stylish royal has donned a myriad of hairstyles that cannot be faulted.
So now we've established that Meghan is indeed a hair-spiration to all, we wanted to point out one particular style the royal has fine-tuned of late. And it's one that we, quite frankly, want more of.
Meghan's hair is enviable to us all. (Image: Getty)
Yes, Markle is known for her flawless eye for fashion, her passionate advocacy for women's rights and lets definitely not forget her penchant for early morning yoga - but there's another iconic thing the royal mum-to-be has become well known for: Her signature bun.
Whether it's worn at the crown of her head or at the nape of her neck, Meghan has proved time and time again that she can nail the sleek style.
WATCH: Meghan Markle stuns in Givenchy with slicked-back up-do for the British Fashion Awards. Story continues below...
Lucky for us, the Duchess has been rocking the style a lot of late, and there could be a very good reason for it.
According to renowned celebrity hairstylist Jack Howard, it's all to do with her pregnancy - which in itself can cause hair to become a lot thicker.
"Not because you're growing more but you have more estrogen in your system so the growing phase is longer, and you shed less," he explained to Hello!.
Given her tresses were rather voluminous to start with, Meghan might simply be wanting to keep her hair off her face - and a bun has proven to be her fail-safe go-to.
We can't blame her - the slicked-back style is chic, elegant and royally approved.
Our style-queen Meghan is here to save us from bad hair days. (Image: Getty)
Take heed of Meghan's timing here too - as winter approaches and the rain threatens our perfectly straightened tresses to their very core - quite literally - you can bet your GHDs that the easy, waterproof bun is about to become our very own go-to hairstyle as well.
So, to provide all the inspiration necessary, we've rounded up Meghan's best slicked-back up-dos.
Grab a cuppa and get ready to screen shot - there's a bun for every occasion here!
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