6 Makeup Tips To Look Younger: Beauty Tips

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Make-up should enhance and soften your looks, not age you. Here, six common make-up mistakes that could add years to your face (plus some tips on how to avoid them).

With age, skin naturally takes on redness. Using pink-based foundations adds to the ruddiness. A yellow-based formula will knock redness out. Avoid pink or red blushers, too, opting for a universally flattering soft coral instead. Be sure to blend foundation really well into the hairline, around the nose and down along the neck, which is one of the first areas to age.

Anyone over the age of 25 should, as a rule, avoid all and any formulas that use these, as they are instantly ageing. Ditto for bright eye shadows (think blue, green or purple). Keep all shadows and make-up (except for lipsticks) matte and stick to neutral palettes of soft nude-rose, taupe, beige, cream and brown.

A bold, harsh, matte lip and mismatched lip liner that is not drawn on perfectly will emphasise dry, crepey skin and make any smoker’s lines appear deeper. It can also make your mouth appear smaller and your face look hard. Stick to a cream formula in soft coral, peachy-rose or a soft, rosy pink. If you are going to use lip liner, make it’s a neutral shade close to your natural lip colour, or the exact shade as your lipstick. Smoker’s lines? Prevent lipstick bleeding by drawing lip liner over entire lips, sticking strictly to the lip line never outside it. It helps lip colour cling to lips and prevents it bleeding into vertical lines around the mouth.

Your brows should be full and well groomed to perfectly frame to your eyes, visually lift your features and keep your look polished, soft and youthful. Too-fine brows appear harsh and add years to your face. If you’ve had a tweezing accident and brows just won’t grow back, embrace a neutral hued, soft brow pencil and fill them in to a natural finish. You may also wish to consider the latest methods in cosmetic tattooing, such as the feather touch technique, which uses single brush strokes to naturally recreate the brow.

As we age, we do need more coverage, but don’t overdo it. Choose a soft formula that applies to a velvety-matte finish. Look for light reflecting properties that deliver a lit-from-within glow. Use a formula with moisturising ingredients, too.

Too much powder will settle into fine lines and can make you look overdone and unnatural. Choose a soft, translucent powder and apply once in the morning, very lightly. Don’t reapply to cover shine through the day — it will cake the make-up and look chalky and old. Instead, carry blotting papers with you to mop up any oil and shine.

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